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    Decided that today was a good day to smoke up a pork butt for pulled pork.  I had been to Costco earlier this week to get a pork butt, but the only ones they had were preseasoned. I got talking to the butcher, who I discovered was a smoker too, and he said he had smoked several of those butts.  He either rinsed off the rub and applied his own, or just left theirs on--either way worked great. So $20 later, I was the proud owner of a 5.3 pound butt.

    I looked over the list of ingredients in the rub, and they were pretty similar to what I use.  Decided to just leave well enough alone and smoke it as is.

    6:30 AM----turned the MES 30 Gem 1 on to preheat to 275 *, filled the AMNPS 2/3 full of hickory pellets and lit it.

    7:20 AM----Temp in the MES is now running a steady 230* so I brought out the meat and into the smoker it went.  AMNPS putting out TBS.


    11:00 AM----inserted Maverick meat probe.

     4:00 PM----IT sitting steady at 152*, real steady, its not moving at all.

                The Cursed STALL

     6:30 PM----IT at 163*

    7:30 PM----IT at 190*  Foiled the butt and put it in the oven at 230* with the meat probe in.

    8:00 PM----IT at 205*.  Bone came out easy and clean.  

    Tore a large chunk off to pull for supper and refoiled the rest to stay warm.  Pored all the natural juices out of the foiling over the pulled pork.  

    Plated up with home made coleslaw, and store bought potato salad.  I made up a batch of SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce to drizzle over the bunwiches--fantastic meal.  (Can you believe those dinky little buns??  Only damn buns we had in the house.  It was like eating PP on crackers  LOL)

    8:30 PM----Finished supper almost exactly 13 hours after starting the smoke.

                    Pulled the rest of the butt, letting it cool, and will freeze some for later.  The rest will be eaten tomorrow night.


    So, the butt went into the MES at 7:20 this morning and finished at 8:00 this evening--12 hours and 40 minutes for a 5.3 pound pork butt.  The stall lasted 2 1/2 hours but there's nothing to be done but wait it out.  Sooner or later it has to end.  Have to admit we were getting pretty hungry and cursing the stall by the time supper came around.  But I've never yet seen a pig that can tell time--the meat will be done when its done.

    Everything turned out great.  The meat was tender and juicy (even more so when mixed in with the natural foiling liquid)  and the bark, which they say you don't get with a MES, was a real treat.  Jeff's Finishing Sauce (SoFlaQuer) was like nothing I've ever before eaten with pulled pork--absolutely fantastic!!!!!  Thanks Jeff.  You can find his recipe in the Pork section under Sticky  


    Thanks for looking


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    Gary that looks great.

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    Thanks Richie.  It was great.  The finishing sauce and home made, extra creamy coleslaw just made it extra great.

    This is the first time I've experienced that long a stall on a butt, so the next time I'm going to do the smoke the day BEFORE I plan to eat it.  Just about starved to death waiting.  LOL


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