pulled pork and chicken breast stuffed with ABT's pineapple, and wrapped with bacon

Discussion in 'Pork' started by snowdog71, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. So it was a successful and frustrating day. I smoked a small pork shoulder, I bought a digital wireless thermometer which was very helpful, I smoked it until 195 degrees let it sit and pulled the meat its the first pp i have ever smoked it had good bark, smoke flavor and was very tasty.  I also stuffed some chicken breast with jalapenos cc and fresh pineapple slices and wrapped them with bacon.I was pretty happy with the end result flavor and taste were there I think less time in the smoker and more time at a high heat would have left the meat a little more juicy. I had problems with flame in my wood box I had to spend quite a bit of time spraying it down to keep the flames away and i cant get my smoker temp above 230 which i guess is a common problem with this smoker, I need to install the gasket, and i think smaller chunks of wood soaked longer might help, anyway the food went well with homemade mac and cheese corn on the cob, fresh coleslaw and all the fixins, included are pics from to days smoke and a kinda funny one from last week. I welcome your advice and comments. Have a great one Rick

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      Hi snowdog. Just a few questions. Is this a gas or electric smoker? Why are you soaking wood chunks? Are you getting a thick white smoke, at least in the beginning? Did the flames cause you to open the door or did it flame up when you opened the door? Did you brine the chicken?

      If you will answer these we should be able to help you out.

  3. This is a two door master forge propane smoker, today was my third smoke so i am new to this craft and my smoker, i soaked the chunks because the first recipe i tried from food network( before i found smf) said to soak them, I am getting a good thick to thin smoke and after that i noticed flames coming out of the box through the vent holes at that point i was opening the bottom door to spray down the wood I did not brine the chicken, I thought about it but thought the moisture from the pineapple and wrapping it with bacon would hold moisture and it did to some extent but not like i would have liked.
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     A few things. Brine chicken, especially breasts, for 30 mins to 1 hour. It helps. Get your temp regulated before adding wood. The wood will usually increase your temps from the flames . Soaked wood will produce heavy white smoke. This is not good as it causes an over smoked flavor.Leave the door closed as much as possible. When it is opened you get an influxe of fresh oxygen to the smoldering wood which will cause it to flame up.

      At least you were reasonable happy with the results. That means the smoke was not a failure. Include some of my suggestions on the next smoke and see if it is some better. If you still have questions you can PM me with them.


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