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Discussion in 'Pork' started by markuk, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. markuk

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    Hi there

    I normally post in the UK Smokers group but only had one ( it was helpful ) reply but thought it was worth a shot on the main page as someone may have tried it...

    This may be a complete no no but we've got some people coming one Sunday evening.... Problem is I'm working till 4 on the Sunday so time is limited so going to do Beer Butt Chicken on the Gas Grill... However it occured to me if it was possible to smoke some ribs for the standard 3 hours on Saturday as I have time then - cool them and pop them in the fridge then do the 2/1 bit on the Sunday ? any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks Mark
  2. raastros2

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    perfect plan...when ever you ready to hea tthem back up just build you a indirect fire and grill them till warm on the non-fire side
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  3. yotzee

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    Any busy rib joint in the U.S. is doing ribs this way in some fashion.   They are impossible to cook to order.

    Honestly I would cook them within an inch of being done, then reheat on a grill and sauce at that time
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  4. markuk

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    that's great thank you - due to space limitations ( am smoking other things on Saturday to finish off in oven ) will leave the "2" bit till the Sunday - will let you know how I get on
  5. I'm not Trying To Steal The Post But Could You Put In Freezer For A Couple Weeks And Then Cook The Rest Of The Way.
  6. yotzee

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    That's how a lot of restaurants that don't smoke in house get them.  They purchase a frozen premade rib and finish them on the grill.  You might notice a difference but the average non BBQ-affecianado probably wont.
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  7. markuk

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    Cant freeze these as they were already frozen as I bought them at use by day....

    However assuming that for fresh ribs you could cook them up to the sauce stage then freeze - defrost then cook.over bbq coals for 1/2 hour or so and paint with sauce for last 15mins ?
  8. yotzee

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    Once their cooked you can refreeze.
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  9. markuk

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    Okay if you're sure - we're a little scared of the EU "Food Police" over when it comes to things like that [​IMG]
  10. yotzee

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    Just be sure to cool properly before wrapping and freezing
  11. cliffcarter

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    If I understand this conversation correctly, you are cooking today and serving tomorrow. If so you do not need to freeze the ribs, only put them in the fridge, they'll keep until tomorrow.

    In addition you can cook them completely today and simply reheat on Sunday, IMHO that is easiest way to accomplish what you want to do.
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  12. markuk

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    Did the Pulled Pork and ribs on Saturday - my usual 3 hours in slow cooker then 3 in smoker over Oak at around 130 C with the ribs - was a little concerned about the ribs as they were scrawy supermarket ones and may have cooked them at a too high temp as I put them in with the PP.

    However what I did was do the "2" bit of the ribs in the slow cooker on top of the PP after smoking - I sprayed them regulary with juice and it seemed to bring them back to life and took them out after around 2 1/2 hours then the PP after 4 ...

    See pic

    I then Pulled the Pork - freezed some and kept enough for Sunday along with ribs in fridge,

    After work Sunday I fired up Gas Grill around 5 and popped in Beer butt Chicken - then once Chicken was cooked at resting I reheated the Pulled Pork in a tray covered with foil and put the ribs on a tray and covered with shop bought creole sauce - both for around 1/2 hour - at around 200 C

    Then served up.... Ribs were very good and were not mushy and fell off bone well - was worried I'd overdone them on smoking but think using the Slow cooker put a bit of moisture back in

    But the proof of the pudding is in the eating....

    Happy guests ! Alison said - and I quote "made my Pulled Pork done with Coke taste like s%*t !"

    That's a pretty good endoresment in my books !

    Clean Plate....

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