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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tdssmoke, Aug 8, 2014.

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    I can't manage an 18 hour smoke this time, and that's what it takes in my electric smoker. I read the shortcut that begins at 225 3 hours in the smoker and finishes with 5 hours in a  325 degree oven. Thing is, I have to do it over two days, because of funeral schedule. Could I smoke one day, refrigerate and oven cook the second day until it reaches temp? I realize I'd have to allow for refrigerated meat on the second day timing.

    Or else, what about oven cooking at 225 until it reaches 185 or so, pulling the meat and finishing in a pan in the smoker. What is the minimum pullable temp?

    I'm trying to approximate Italian porchetta with a boned, herbed and tied shoulder. It's made different ways, but what I want is pulled pork with an Italian accent. I've got shoulder meat, skin on, butt and shank separated into two pieces. The herb paste I've made is heavenly.

    It's all boned, rolled, rubbed and tied. I'm trying to figure out how to proceed from here.

    I'm thinking about taking the skin off part way through so I can brown up what was under it, the way my Mama used to do in the oven. If there's a whole lot of fat, she'd trim that a bit. I'd finish the skin in there too for some good cracklies.

    Hope this is not too long or too confusing, and that I've put it in the right place.

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    Sorry, I have never sen a two part smoke.  I do wish you luck.
  3. I really dont know how it would work out. I def wouldnt recomend trying to smoke it after its pulled.  I would imagine thats almost garunteed to dry it out a lot.
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    This question is way over my Pay Grade.

    Maybe try sending a PM with that question to "Chef JimmyJ" our resident Chef.

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    Why not try smoking at 260-275? My last thread I posted I did a pork cushion roast in the MES at the higher temps and foiled at 170. It hit 203 IT in 8 hours and was moist and tasty.
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    Thanks, everybody. Glad you're out there.
  7. You have to cook until the meat is done. Can't stop in the middle. I've smoked several times at 230 for 4 hours and then foiled and wrapped... Finished in the oven at 325 til meat was 195. Took about 4.5 hours. Turns out good enough for a church picnic or carry in.
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    Chef Jimmy would be your source on this one!

    I would want it in the smoke at least until it had the amount of smoke I like.

    I would want it over 140 to 145 internal temp before the fridge.

    I just can't imagine this process giving a "good" product even if it is a "safe" product?

    Others might have other opinions.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Yup----That's why I said he should PM Chef JimmyJ.

    This kind of question gives me a headache!!

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    Ddssmoke , I'm sure JJ will be along , however I have done a lot of 1/2 smoke and 1/2 oven Briskets due to different things . Now I agree it's not like a fully smoked one , but as mentioned the meat needs to be cooked in one cooking . Wrap in heavy foil and introduce it to the oven @225*F until tender. Depending on size , it will take several hrs. , so you can go to the Funeral.

    You can always finish ,wrap (or seal ) and re-heat when needed in boiling water or in a slow cooker with juices from the meat .

    Have fun and . . .
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    Anyone here ever reheat a mid rare steak?

    I think you'd be fine from a food safety standpoint (Ive been train by the Allegheny County Health Department) but I dont think its the best way to go about this. Dont be afraid to crank the heat up, a butt can take the higher heat. I'd go 300-325 range OR smoke first THEN oven.
  12. venture

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    To be more clear?

    I am not saying this can't be done?

    Many restaurants use shortcuts that would turn your stomach if you knew about them.

    Just that it is not the way I would do it.

    After the fridge, I would imagine some liquid in the project?

    But?  ChefJimmy would be a good guide for us?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Not ideal by any means but it can be done.  To ensure safety you'd want it through the danger zone on the first cook, above 140F if intact, 165F if injected.  225F for three hours might be a little low for the first cook stage, depending how big a piece of meat you have.  You would be cutting it close with just a 5 lb'er.  If 7-10 lbs or larger, crank the temp up to 275F minimum on the first smoke. 

    To finish in the oven the next day make sure you save the au jus to add back into the meat once it finishes.  Crank the temp up in the oven to 325F because now you have to warm the meat from the refrigerator temp and still take it through the collagen melting stage so you can pull it at an IT of 203-205F IT.

    I'm having deja vu.  I've never done a two stage cook before but seems like I gave similar advice to a new member in the past month who was smoking a brisket in two stages for a family gathering.  She said it came out great.  Can't find the thread though.    
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    This thread is 8 days old. I would think the funeral is over by now.

  15. noboundaries

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    Ooooh, good catch Bear!  Moving on.
  16. tdssmoke

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    Thanks, everybody.

    I wound up smoking for 8 hours at 225, then finishing in 225 oven to 205 degrees. I took the skin off before the end, scraped the fat off and cooked it on a rack for a while. It tasted good, but was pretty chewy The meat was very good, although I really like a little more smoke flavor than I got this way, but the Italian herbs and garlic saved the day. I remember seeing a cook take the skin off before the end and crisp it, but hers came out better. She's gone now, can't ask. I gave mine to some happy dogs, along with the bones I removed in the beginning. I'm off the idea of the cook-fridge-cook method. In a pinch I'll do one of the other suggestions above.

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