Pork Tenderloin tonight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevetheteacher, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. It took six hours with a big stall at 150. raised the temp to near 300 to finish off the last ten degrees. It's resting now. Hope it tastes good!
  2. It did taste good! Just a little spice from the rub. Really tender. Nice smoke ring

    As usual, my family did not share my excitement and were indifferent at best.  :(
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    STT, I love a smoked tenderloin, yours looks good. Too bad the family doesn't like them !
  4. They are not very supportive of this smoker lifestyle I've chosen  ...  :(
  5. Wow 6 hours!!! I cook tenderloin all the time and usually takes about an hour fifteen minutes at around 250°f. I cook it to 140 and wrap and rest for about 15 min to get to 145.

    What temp did you cook it at and what was the IT when you took it off?
  6. I cooked between 225-250 looking for an IT of 160. Is that too high?
  7. Yeah. Typically people cook it to 140 and wrap it to bump it up a couple degrees. Usually when it gets up to 160 and higher it starts to dry out. But hey if it tasted good thats all that matters. Try cooking it to 140 next time to see if you like it better, everyones taste is different. Im still suprised it took that long though
  8. IT consumption for pork is 145+.  I t my smoker a month back and have done 6 tendloins so far , I recommend pulling and wrapping at 140 put it back in for about 45 min.  Your thermometer should go through  that meat like butter.  If you like a heavy bark once it hits 130's crank your heat up and baste really heavy.  This will allow that rub to harden up . 

    My kids love it they just pull sticks off to snack on.

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