Pork shoulders W. Ky Style

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  1. I have a Vision, Kamado style grill I have been experimenting with lately.  I have 2 MES 40's and haven't been impressed with the temp control these units have.  First of all, butts and shoulder in this area are $0.99 per pound.  I prepared my Vision and got temp up to 250 and placed the rubbed 15 pound shoulder in a roasting pan I purchased lately.  It has an inner rack that holds the meat off the bottom of the pan.  I put apple juice in the bottom and did not use a deflector plate.  The temp was allowed to wander up to 300 degrees.  After 15 hours and a couple of hour resting period, the skin lifted right off leaving moist and very tender pork.  I pulled it with my gloved hands.

    I think butts/shoulders should be cooked at higher temps and not the 220-225 that I see on a lot of sites. 
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