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  1. I have a 3.5lb Prod loin that I am thinking about smoking this weekend. I have never done a loin before and I am wondering if I should brine, inject or just season it. I was thinking about brine since it would aid in the breakdown of the connective tissues and make it a bit more tender. What I don't want is a dried out piece of meat. I have tenter and wrapped in foil to allow the juices come out into the meat once again. I guess I do not want to ruin this piece of meat.
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    You'll get many varying opinions on brine vs no brine, inject or not etc. I'm in the no brine (except for birds) camp and usually don't inject although I have just to see what it's all about. I've done loins when no butts available and they are very unforgiving with temps and drying out since very little internal fat like a butt. I usually just dry rub over night and drape in bacon before putting in the smoker. I pull about 140 IT, wrap and rest for the juices to re-absorb. There are many threads on pork loins to read up on for variations. Hope this helps.....Willie

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    I've done many pork loins and the only treatment it gets is rub and a little sauce on the back end of the smoke. I usually smoke at 225 until I reach an internal temp of 150. Foil and let rest for at least an hour. If done correctly it is a great tasting cut of pork and one of my favorites.
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    i am doing a whole pork loin sunday. i have only done it a couple time... BUT ... it was actually the first thing i ever smoked in my MES 30. went on youtube and found this recipe, that was before i even knew about this site (which is the best thing i ever found) ... the wife loved the pork done this way and have done it a few times since never to be disappointed.

    1 cup salt
    1 cup sugar
    bay leaves

    pepper corns
    apple juice (gallon water) i use 2 litres apple juice and 2 litres water

    depending on the size of the container you have is how much brine ya make. you can add anything you like

    heat the liquid and salt and sugar and stir till dissolved. add the rest of the stuff to the mix. doesnt have to boil, JUST DISSOLVE ...let cool and pour over your meat. if you have more pieces touching each other have them fat to fat. i was told that it will get the brine in better that way. cover with brine and put in fridge for a few days. make sure the loins are fully covered.

    smoke at 225 and put some brine in the liquid container. my smoker has a small SS pan. i line it with aluminum foil for easier clean up

    i have used alder or hickory .. a personal choice.



    good luck  :0)
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    IMHO, the loin needs no injection or brine.  It is a great cut of meat.  Not much connective tissue you have to worry about.

    I pull mine at 135 to 140.  It will easily meet the 145 deg minimum when resting.  If injecting you will have to take to higher temps because it is no longer considered intact muscle meat.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    If you smoke a LOIN to an IT of 170 and then go back and take it to 195 that thing will be as tough as shoe leather because of the lack of fat in the loin.  A pork loin should come off at 140 to 145 IT - this is based on experience.

    I'm with Merv on the no brine or injection, and I like Willie's idea on the bacon drape!  It's all good.

    Be sure to have fun and enjoy!

    Good luck,

  7. goliath

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    SO SORRY GUYS........
    i had my IT temp mixed up with my pulled pork .... (sheepish look)
    i have had great luck with the brine... maybe dont need it but truely enjoy it. matter of personal taste i guess.
    once again i apologize for the IT ....
    this place ia a life saver ..  :0)

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