Pork Belly prices in Southern Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by ddemerath, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I am down to my last pound of bacon and decided I need to make some more.  The prices were rather high if you ask me.  A place in Elkhorn, WI want $4.29 lb. and the locker in Clinton, WI wants $3.89.  Does this seem high or is it just me being cheap.  After all, bacon is half fat!
  2. Last i bought was 2.99 I have had to pay as much as 3.49

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  3. I just got home from loading up on meat at Sam's Club and pork prices have gone up quite a bit in a month.

    By the case..... loins were $2.05 lb and butts are $1.48. I noticed beef prices went up as well. Tis the season I guess.
  4. I just payed 4.21 pound at local meat store. They ordered in from UWProvisions. They sell for 3.00 pound. Now I know where to go for my next run..[​IMG]
  5. $2.79 for skinless bellies in the northern part of wisconsin. Look around i'm sure you can find a better price.[​IMG]
  6. Just asked a local butcher on Friday, was quoted $3.49 / lb
  7. I got quotes as high as 4.99lb low as 2.39lb case 30lb. But they all have to order it no matter who I called.

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  8. Just picked up pork bellies(case lot) for 2.39 pound with skin removed. Good deal for me. MAKIN BACON!!!!!
  9. Where did you get the bellies from?
  10. I picked the case of bellies up from UW Provision. Is cheaper by the case. This case was 41 pounds. Going in the brine tonight for a week.

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