Pork back ribs, beef ribs, back bacon and loin roast today with Q-view

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  1. I was in a real smoking mode today and went at it hard. it is fairly cold outside here in Canada so we needed something to do today. I smoked up some beef and port ribs, a little back bacon and I bought a strip loin before the butcher cut it into steaks and threw that in as well. The ribs went in for just over 3 hours, foiled for 2 and on the BBQ for 1. The back bacon I cooked to 135 deg. Just enough  so it is not fully done and I can fry it in the pan a little before I eat it. The beef roast I took it to 145 deg, wrapped it in tin foil and then a towel then to the cooler for 2 hours. Was it ever tender and tasty.... going to be some great sandwiches here this week


    Beef roast top left, back bacon top right. Pork ribs on next shelf and you cannot see the beef ribs in the back


    A little closer picture as they enter the smoker


    This is when I removed the ribs


    The ribs just removed from the smoker on the way to foiling


    The bacon cooked up nice and is real tasty.....I mean real tasty


    The beef roast came out so well. So tender and tasty. I am going to live like a king this week for lunch. i t was about a 5 pound piece


    On the " Q " it goes after coming out of the foil. My son makes teh sauce and we sauce them up good. I t was a very tasty dinner as I had a little sample of everything I made today !
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    Everything looks great...What was in the Rub?...JJ
  3. the rub is just something that I throw together. A little mustard powder, brown sugar, pepper, garlic and onion powder with some herbs and cayanne thrown in. It seems to work out well.
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    Looks like everything came out tasty 
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    Everything looks great to me
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    Everything looks delicious! Nice job!
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    All of it looks great !
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