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    Hello,  new to the forum and also to smoking.  anyway, I wanted to get a good smoker (electric for my own reasons)

      I decided I wanted to try cook shack but they are pricey, esp the size I wanted. (the amerique) The same day I started looking on craigslist to see what was out there I came across sm025 model.  I figured these were going to be hard to find used so I decided to buy it.   I am pretty sure I got a good deal but have no idea what used prices run on smokers.  Does anyone know what they have seen for used prices?  help me feel better about making the LONG drive to pick this up. 

      The guy said it was 2 years old and said he bought it new.  I checked the plate and it was actually manufactured in 2011. It looks in good shape. He threw in a rib rack and 2 beer can chicken stands and some wood chips he had.  I know these run around $850 new

    Thank you
  2. I'm sure used prices will vary drastically by area and condition, so as long as you're happy with what you paid I wouldn't sweat it. I have a cook shack in my arsenal and it's a great smoker. Very high quality and the one time I did have to deal with the company over shipping damage they went above and beyond. And most importantly it turns out great Q. If you have specific questions feel free to pm me.
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    I paid  $225 for it.  do you have the books that come with it? smoking at home cookbook and owners manual.  I didn't get those and since I am just getting started would they be helpful?  figured they would have some leaning and maintainance info
  4. I believe you can get the owners manual off their website.


    I found the cookbook useful to get started with wood quantity only. All the recipes specify their rub which is probably good, but I prefer to make my own. Here are my wood choices:

    Baby back ribs: 2oz hickory plus 1oz Apple
    Pork butt: 4 to 5 oz hickory
    Chicken: 1 oz Apple

    A little bit of wood goes a long way.
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  5. I have the books floating around somewhere and honestly never really used them. This forum is a great resource as well as the manufacturer's forum for model specific questions. My best tip is to go easy on the wood. Start out with two ounces, and yes i weigh the chunks. I think you did fine on price and will love the smoker. If not I have no doubt you'll be able to get rid of it for that. Most likely though you'll keep it and just add to the heard!

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