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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by got14u, Nov 7, 2009.

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    Ok fellas We just went bird hunting opening day. We had a great time didn't get a lot but got 1 pheasant and 1 duck. Missed quit a few needless to say. My question is I would like some recipes for the duck and pheasant breast. I haven't cooked them before. I saw one kabob idea I liked but I know You people have more. again thanks ahead of time and here are some pics.

    I definitely need a dog. My 15 yr old boy says so
  2. beer-b-q

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    Don't have a recipe, but tell him to "Shut Up and Keep Pointing" you want some birds...
  3. got14u

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    lol...i told him he might smell them better if he walked on his hands and knees
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    You have to learn to do want your dad says. So point there my son and remember you did it to both ways up hill in the cold barefooted when you were his age. As far as pheasant and duck recipes another notta from me too. But there are alot of killers here and I know some of them shoot pheasant and ducks.
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    Not too bad there, not bad at all. Thats a teal isn't it? Our pheasant season started last month, but the whole midwest region has been hit with soo much rain, the farmer can't get their corn out. I hear them cackling all morning, but with the corn still in, all I can do is wait. And out ducks? Well I don't know what happened to the ducks. There are nowhere to be found. Yeah you need to get a dog. A good one is worth thier weight in gold when is comes to upland bird and duck hunting. I have a really good bird dog, "good for nothing that is". LOL Thanks for sharing the pics. And remember, the worst day of hunting is better than the best day at work[​IMG].
  6. got14u

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    your are spot on about being a good day...I think it is just to warm for birds right now. I don't know about your place but we had a cold spell awhile ago but now it is to unseasonably warm. It is suppose to change in a week or 2.
  7. with the pheasant you can eaither fry them just like a chicken, and put it in a pan with some cream of mushroom soup and stuffing. or just dip it into wet pancake batter then into dry pancake mix and toss them into the deep fryer. with the waterfowl i shoot, i like to have a few goose breast or duck at a time and make a stir-fry type meal with them cut up some bell peppers and onions, then i like to add some choke cherry huterite wine with it. lookin at the mallard you shot and the ones we are shooting right now is crazy...we are shooting fully plumed out birds here now. good huntin!
  8. bearcarver

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    Boy does that bring back memories. I started out as a dog about 50+ years ago, before I was allowed to get a license. Pheasants all but disappeared around here since then. TURKEYS all over the place, but very few ringnecks!

    Thanks for the memories,

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