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  1. A question for pepperoni makers. Why is it that my pepperoni doesn’t get that nice smoky color on the sides that face each other when hanging over the sticks. It looks like it’s not done, yet the internal temp is 152. The sides that face each other are pale with no color. What is going on? I let the casings dry for a couple hours at room temp. They are properly spaced and not touching. Does the size of the dowel matter?
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    You may not be gettting enough coverage of smoke. I would try spacing them farther apart. Try smoking only one and see waht happens. The only time I get sausages with no color spots is if they are too close together..

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    Joe  got it 100% right .
  4. Thanks for your insight guys. Is it possible that there was too much water added when mixing the spices in. This was a 10 lb batch done in my Bradley. About 26 double links. What gets me is the same thing happened when a did a smaller 5 lb batch, not to the same extent mind you.

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