Pellets or no pellets?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by reelaggressive, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Pellets or no pellets? that is the question.

    I just got a new MES 40 (No window 4 rack) I have smoked a few things already on it and I love it compared to my coal and wood smokers. With 3 kids and running 2 businesses I dont have time to babysit the fires so this thing has really been awesome!
    I am curious if you guys recommend pellets for a MES? I have already been to and they look cool I just dont know if I should get one or not? What model? If so what pellets do you recommend?
  2. ak1

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    As far as pellets go, get what you like flavour wise based on your preferences. There is no right or wrong.
  3. Sounds logical. How do you load them in a MES? Same way as the chips?
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Pellets in the chip tray can ignite...Fire Bad!  Talk to Todd. The AMNPS Maze works in some models, below 5000' and others need the Mail Box Mod or a Tube. I have not burned chips in my MES in 5 years...JJ
  5. ak1

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    I can't help you there. I don't own an MES. See what the instructions say, or perhaps some here with more experience than I will chime in.
  6. cmayna

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    As what Jimmy J says, don't load pellets into the chip loader.  You need to get a smoke generator from Todd, such as the AMNPS (Amazen pellet smoker).  There are tons of threads here in the electric smoker sub forum about incorporating a AMNPS into MES smokers.
  7. goldmine1965

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    I own a MES 30 and I only use the AMNPS from A-Maze-N Products. I don't know which one would be better for your model, the Maze or the Tube. With the maze (AMNPS) you can get up to 11-12 hours of non stop smoking. The 12 inch Tube is only advertised to do 4 hours. Once the pellets get properly lit, it is almost a set it and forget kind of thing. You won't have to do anything else to them. Just monitoring your temperature in the smoker and in your food. Using chips, you will have to add chips every 30 minutes or so. As far as pellets, that probably is a personal preference. I have noticed a lot of brands use filler woods. A bag of Hickory pellets might be 40 percent Hickory and 60 percent filler like alder or oak.They try to hide this in some of the language on the bags. They will say things like "100 percent hardwood". Which may be true, but it is not 100 percent of the flavored wood. A-Maze-N Products sells 100 percent flavored pellets, but are over $3 per pound. BBQ Delight is couple dollars per pound too. I think I will get some CookinPellets Perfect Mix from Amazon. $33 for 40 pounds.
  8. Chef gave you great info. I also recomend to just ask Todd. He is the inventor and CEO. He wants you to have the right equipment for your smoker. 

    He regularly answers his own phone.  Just call him.  Jted
  9. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    I won't smoke without pellets.  I love them.  Great flavor and SO simple.  The pellet smoker from Amazen is wonderful.  I haven't even used chips in my last 2 MES'.  My personal preference is the Pitmasterblend pellets. 
  10. dr k

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    You've got that right!  When I called Traeger they said it's about 2/3rds Alder or Oak depending on which coast the pellets we're made on.  The BBQ'er Delight is about 2/3rds as well Oak and 1/3rd the flavor on the bag.  BBQ'ers Delight has 1lb'er bags at $4.00 that are all 100% that Todd still may sell.  I do like the Traeger Pecan with 2/3rd oak and 1/3rd Pecan.  I got 20lbs. for $13.99 and will do it again if it's on sale otherwise I'll go through Todd with the free shipping and discounts he offers.  The Alder or Oak mix burns cleaner, hotter and with less ash for pellet smokers that rely on pellets of fuel and flavor.  Since the AMNPS isn't augered in for heating fuel, it burns the at the same rate whether it's blended or 100% the flavor on the bag.  I prefer the 100% wood pellets on the bag.  If it doesn't say it's 100% and just made from hardwood, then it's blended.  Todd is the exception since his bagging is unique in heavy duty zip lock bags.


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