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  1. I am eager to get moving on this project. I seriously lack the skills to build this on my own but I have found a gentleman who has built a few and I look forward to having him bring this idea to fruition. I secured a 100# and a 40# propane tank they are currently sitting full of water and trisodium phosphate. Hoping to deliver the tanks to him this week. He said he can have the project completed in 2 weeks or so.

    I have lurked the forums and have been researching like a mad man and I think I got most of the bases covered. Here is what I'm working with and the numbers to go along with it.

    Please let me know if anything seems out of order.
  2. Feldons calculations and cheap diagram
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    The numbers I would use are....
    FB/CC opening 26 s.i. and use that under the RF plate
    FB air inlet 6.5 s. I. and have additional inlet across from the FB/CC opening about 2 s.i.
    Stack vol. 110 s.i.

  4. Good morning Dave. Thank you for your input. I definitely will heed your advice and use the measurements you provided. Will continue posting in this thread as the build gets under way.
  5. How would I account for stack length if I wanted to have it square instead of round? How much of a difference, if any, would that make?
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    The calculator calls for a round stack..... if it says.... 8" I. D., 36" above the Cook Chamber.... use a square stack 8" Inside measure 36" above the CC..... The corners in a square stack do not flow air well, if at all....

    Round ducts or stacks always flow more air per equal area.... less turbulence and friction loss....

    8" round has 25.13 circumference....
    8" square has 32" "circumference".... 21.47% more surface area...

    More surface area causes more friction loss......
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  7. Thanks Dave for a prompt and educating response. I want this to be a very efficient build. Round it will be.
  8. I found a pic of one of his prior builds.
  9. Update. Fabricator sent me a picture today.
  10. Updated. More pics.
  11. More updated pictures. Almost done now
    Just need a cc door handle, front shelf, and paint.
  12. It is all done. Now just gotta go pick it up.
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    Nice! Really like those handles.

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