Pastrami, beef ribs, pork butt, and spares...busy day (before and after qview)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by worktogthr, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. worktogthr

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    Hey All,

    Today was one of those days where I needed to smoke a couple of things for a party on Sunday so I figured I'd throw a couple of extra things in for dinner tomorrow and for experimentation. So the line up is as follows.

    1. Pastrami which will be steamed on Sunday for the party: MES 30 with a pit masters blend of pellets in the AMNPS @ 225-250

    2. St Louis Spares with Jeff's rub...MES 30 as well

    3. Beef Ribs with SPOG....MES was packed haha

    4. 3lb. Pork butt roast on the Weber kettle with hickory using the snake method. Temps around 250-275. Making pulled pork sliders for an app for Sunday.

    The before...

    And the after...

    Pulled pork:

    Spare Ribs

    Beef Ribs:


    Didn't start until 2 PM. It was a long day and I am tired. But the house smells lovely and everything turned out well. God bless this hobby!
  2. fpmich

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    Those all look excellent Worktogthr!

    I've yet to try beef ribs or pastrami.  Sticking with pork ribs & roasts, and beef roasts for meat, until I learn more about my smoker.

    But I am getting very hungry for those smoked beef ribs.  I love braised, and roasted, beef ribs, short or long.  So I'm sure I'll love smoked beef ribs even more.

    How long did you leave the beef ribs in smoker at those temps?

    And is there any prep, other than seasoning, to do beef ribs?

    Did you do the beef ribs in the MES or on the Webber Kettle?
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  3. worktogthr

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    Thanks for the kind words! I haven't been smoking long but I have done beef ribs a bunch of times. These were done in te MES between 225 and 250. Usually te beef back ribs I get are individually sliced and meatier. They always have them on sale at a local market andthey are choice. They cook 5 hours or so at 250 and are tender and delicious. The ones pictured here are from rib roasts that I bought on sale at a different market and cut off the the ribs myself. These are never as tender an I suspect it's the quality of the meat. They took seven hours to get to wear I wanted them. Keep in mind the smoker was packed so the temp night have been a little lower than 250. They are tender but not as lucious haha I know that's a weird word but it truly describes the pre sliced choice beef ribs I buy. Next time with this lesser grade I am going to try 3-2-1ing them to maybe as some moisture.
  4. The only ribs I smoke 3-2-1 are beef ribs if they are short ribs. Don't try the beef ribs that are less than $2.00 a lb. No meat on them.
  5. fpmich

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    Tnx for the reply.  I'll give them a shot one of these days.
  6. foamheart

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    Nice job, methinks you have got a handle on this smoking stuff.

    A full smoker, and a happy family.  [​IMG]

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