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Discussion in 'Beef' started by texasgal81, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Had a brisket in the fridge I needed to cook so I decided to throw it on the smoker tonight. Trimmed it up and rubbed it with a salt & pepper mix, grub rub and smoked paprika Then on the smoker at 250. Will update throughout.

    More to come...
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    Looks like a good start
  3. Thanks!

    2 hours in and added some more wood and checked the cooking temp. Still sitting at 250 and going strong. Time for bed and I'll check it again when I get up.

  4. tropics

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    Texasgal Looks good so far
  5. Just pulled the brisket. Cooked faster than I thought...not quite 9 hours when I woke up and it probably should have been pulled sooner. The flat may be a bit dry, but the rest looks good. I'll find out later when I cut into it.

  6. tropics

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    That doesn't look dry to me, what IT did you pull it at?
  7. Looks good to me Great color   Nice Job   you'r getting to be a pro. Do you deliver ?

  8. It looks good. What IT was it? Did you use the probe test?

    Happy smoken.


  9. Thanks guys. It was 205-208IT. I checked as soon as I woke up and pulled it. I didn't have a probe in this time. Honestly wasn't expecting it to cook so fast. The point was nice & juicy, but fall apart since I cooked too long. I have not cut into the flat yet.

    I got sick today and now can't taste anything... thankfully I could taste this morning. It was good, just a bit crumbly.

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    Looks real nice ! Thumbs Up
  11. I'm going to do my first brisket for tomorrow. It's the "1ST CUT" WHATEVER THAT MEANS. It's almost 8lbs. Do I have to stay up all night to throw in wood chunks in my master built electric smoker? Or just for the first few hours? I would like it to be ready to serve at around 2pm on Sunday. (Today being valentine's day)
  12. Thanks!

    I just put more wood in once before I went to bed. Probably could have done another round though. I have an electric too. You can read around on here, but after several hours I believe, it doesn't take on more smoke. Just check that it's not cooking too hot & you should be fine.
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  13. Hey texasgal, if it was a bit crumbly, you did over cook it. Double check your temp gauge at 205º to 208º it should be done but not crumbly. Try pulling it at about 198 -200 wrapping and let it sit the temp will climb several degrees more.  Anyway the color looked great

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    Hey smoking, good luck on the first brisket, the first cut is simply referring  to the flat, the leaner piece, the second cut being the point or fattier piece, always best to get the full packer as it has the flat and point, more fat that way, texasgal is right, most meats usually just take the first several hours, put a couple chunks when you start and check it an hour or so later, add a piece or two and you will be good for the smoke, post some pics if you can, look forward to how it turns out, Bonz
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  15. Yes, it cooked faster overnight than I thought and was already past done when I woke up. The temp was set higher than I wanted at 275... lessons learned for the next time. Still tastes really good. :)
  16. I'll be waiting to see the next one

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    I'm late to this. But nice job TG. It looks great!  Did I miss you getting a new smoker? What happened to the bullet you were using?


  18. Haha. Yes! You did miss it. I killed the bullet with chunks. Guess I put too many in and it caught it on fire. Burned up all the insides. So I traded up a bit to the masterbuilt vertical. Still electric for apartment living, but easier to get into & larger. I've been smoking plenty on it, but haven't posted anything in a while.

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