Old Country Pecos cover needed

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by chessie, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. chessie

    chessie Newbie

    Anyone know what cover will fit an Old Country Pecos smoker?  Purchased a Pecos from Academy, but no owners manual came with the smoker, and not sure what cover to get.
  2. chessie

    chessie Newbie

  3. Is it a well built heavy duty cover???
  4. chessie

    chessie Newbie

    Not super heavy duty, but fits well, has held up fine .
  5. glocksrock

    glocksrock Smoking Fanatic

    That's the cover I'm using on my Wrangler and it's a bit big on it, so it should fit the Pecos just fine. It's well made, but not real heavy duty, but for $20 you really can't beat it.
  6. tennjed

    tennjed Newbie

    Academy Sports has one made specifically for the Pecos Smoker. Picked one up (well, was given one) in December and I'm quite happy with it.

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