Ok so I'm buying a new smoker and need help

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by boss hole, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Ok picking up the landman smoky mountain at Costco. My bday comming up this month and was looking to add more smoke with a smoke generator from amazn web site. Help me pick the right one! Is it the tube? What size? Or should I get the box one? What kind of pellets should I buy? Pretty good size smoker with 4 racks.

    I'm new and it will be a gift for me :) so what's the best choice.
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    You ought to contact Todd...a really great guy, and since he's a member here (TJohnson), he's always willing to provide expert advice about his gadgets to fellow SMF members.  I'd say in a gas rig, one of the tubes is the right match...but again, I'd ask the guy who invented 'em.  

    As far as pellets flavors, I always keep a bag of his hickory and a bag of the pitmaster's choice - a blend of hickory/cherry/maple...but they're all good!  Best advice is try several flavors to see for yourself what you like best.

  3. Thanks I'm new so I have not read his posts. I am looking for a link so I can send it to the peeps asking what I want for my birthday lol.
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    Click on sponsors at the top of the page. Amazn will be listed as one of them and you can get to the website from there.
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  5. Here is a link for you  [​IMG]    http://www.amazenproducts.com/
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    thanks... still not sure what links we are allowed to use and which ones we aren't allowed to use
  7. You're welcome  [​IMG]   Links to any of the forum sponsors are fine to post  [​IMG]
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    good to know... I see links all of the time, but then I see some that are deleted... so I just don't post any links at all and it is easier that way.
  9. Any recommendation on what model to use?
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    That all depends on what smoker you have/get.  I didn't see what you are going to get, but if you are getting a MES, you want to go with the 5x8 AMNPS.  I don't know a lot about the tubes, but I absolutely love my AMNPS.
  11. The AMNPS works great in electric smokers. The tube smokers (AMNTS) work better in propane smokers, pellet smokers & gas grills. Todd still has his special going where you get 10% off & free shipping if you spend $49.98 or more  [​IMG]
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    I HIGHLY recommend you talk to Todd. That smoker does not look like there is a good Fresh Air source, maybe I am wrong. The AMNPS needs air to stay lit...JJ
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  13. I have an electric smoker and in speaking with Todd, he recommended the pellet tray in electric smokers and gas smokers, too.  The tubes were more for webers and other gas grills.  This may have changed since last Nov. when I bought mine.

    As for the types of pellets.  My favorite so far is the pecan.  Pit master blend is pretty good, too.  I used the bourbon barrels ones last week end on a tri tip and the were there were good/ok but maybe needed more smoke time to pick up the flavor.  I also used maple on a meat loaf and the bag of pellets had a lot of saw dust(unusable).  Nice mild flavor.

    I have used a cheaper brand from Sportsman Warehouse in Rocklin, Ca.  They were a alder base with cherry(mostly alder) on salmon.  

    Good luck...

  14. Thanks every one!

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