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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bsnemo, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I like using mostly wood and I am getting practice and learning my smoker (Brinkmann TLE). My question is I have a nice thin blue smoke going and the temp needs to be maintained so when I add some wood which is usually oak and cured dry it will smoke white for a while until it burns down a bit. Will this taint the taste of the meat? I was getting concerned about meat flavor...
  2. The thick white smoke is bad, but hard to avoid at least a little when you add wood to the fire.  Things that help, and I have the same TLE, are preheating the wood by laying the splits on the warming tray; and open all vents completely and even crack open the ash drawer to get maximum air flow.  Using smaller splits also help, but that's a double edge sword as you will have to add them more often.  
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    This is my method

    Smaller splits added more often will alleviate this problem.

    Also try to keep a small hot fire and feed often.
    • Start with your junk wood, scraps off cuts etc.
    • Get a good hot fire going.
    • Check for proper draft.
    • Looking good.

    Feed smaller splits often, its better to add three smaller splits than one large split as they will get through the combustion stage quicker, if you have an unwanted smoke, just pop the cook chamber lid for a few seconds till the heavy smoke passes.
    • place wood on top of the firebox, some times I do, sometimes I don't.
    • Just keep an eye on it!

    • Establish a good coal base, once you are at this point add a few splits, as soon as they ignite (past the smoky combustion stage), add your food to the pit.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks guys I got some good info here. I guess I can expect a little white smoke when adding the new stuff.

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