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  1. Greetings all... I usually take some pretty good notes and am glad I did this time too.

    I've smoked some smaller (
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    Do you normally wrap? It's what helps with the stall. Your lid temp can be off more then you think as well, do you have a calibrated therm they are handy. It could have been plain luck as well. Any pics?
  3. Yeah, I wrap at 160F and use several digital therms, but still have experienced stalls.

    Not having a stall this time is basically my concern. I mean, what determines a stall? Why does one piece of meat experience it while another does not? Specifically, does the bone-in matter?

    Smoker temps are from the dome gage which I understand to be high by at least 10 degrees. Since the temps were higher than say, 250, I know it's smoking around 235-240.

    Meat temps are actual digital temps.
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    The stall happens when the heat energy is being used to break down the fat and connective tissue rather than increasing temp. Is it possible that these were more lean than usual? Did it pull well and was moist?
  5. The stall happens when the meat is basically "sweating" and cooling itself off.


    Bill, I don't have much to add as far as why this time was different other than the old adage "every piece of meat is different". Wrapping helps push through the stall and make it last a shorter period of time. Higher temps help with pushing through the stall also and can even make it seem like one never even happened. The combination of the wrapping and the perfect timing of your smoker being on the higher end (270F) of the range could have led to these pieces of meat seemingly not stalling at all.

    Either way...I see no PICTURES!!! Cheers.
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  6. Yeah. The meat was outstanding. I trim the fat pretty well. It was moist (panned and foiled) and pulled easily. I don't have any complaints. I am only questioning why there was no stall...as expected.

    Was it because of something I did or was it just the cut of meat? If it was me then I would definitely prefer to repeat the process every time. All those extra hours cuts into my drinking time. ; ' )
  7. Uhhh who says you can't drink while smoking?!?! Your process looks sound so I'd chalk it up to the cut of meat. As long it was good, smoke on!
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    OK, I just looked up stall and got "when the connective tissue begins to break down and evaporate, thus cooling off the meat." I had heard before breaking down connective tissue but didn't realize its evaporation cools down the meat! Learn something new every day here. Thank you Rickey!
  9. Who says I can't drink while smoking? That would be me...LOL!

    As a homebrewer (21 years brewing experience) I don't make a beer under 5%. Two 1/2 liters can induce a "napping" effect. I haven't had Bud, Miller or Coors products since February 1975 with the exception of Blue Moon when (Peter) Celis Wit was not available.

    FYI: February 1975 is when I got stationed in Germany (the first time)...and learned what REAL beer is supposed to taste like. I eventually did 2 tours for a period of 9 years. PROSIT!
  10. Bill, as a fellow homebrewer (only 3 years), I can sympathize with having the "bigger" beers on tap at all times. Shamefully, I will say the Bud Lights of the world have their time and place....and for me this is just one of those time. When I know I'm gonna have to be up for hours on hours, I pick up a 6...ok 12 pack of the lighter variety. I guess you could always limit yourself on your homebrew...but where's the fun in that? 

    Not sure where "East of the Quad Cities, IL" is, but in the SW burbs of Chicago. We could share a brew one day!
  11. David, I remembered reading that article a while back and thought it was interesting. Glad I could share. I've got WAY to much time on my hands at work it would seem.
  12. Since I am originally from NJ we say: "What exit?" LOL! Mine would be exit 27 on I80, Atkinson.

    I only buy beer to sample something new. I rarely ever go to a bar.

    (I don't know how to upload pics here...)
  13. Wowza you are indeed far west of the city. In the reply screen, you'll see this icon.

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  15. I do not have that tool bar...sorry.

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