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  1. I just bought a Master Forge Dual Door propane smoker.  I seasoned it last night at that went well....kept temps right around 250.

    Today...trying to smoke ribs, it will not get above 188-190.  What can I do?  It is about 40• out and slightly windy.  I have 2 racks of ribs on the grill and a small 8x8 tub of beans on the bottom.  The water is below half and the flame is full blast.  

    Any tips?  Or will I just plan on eating around midnight??!?!  :)

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. eman

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    This is a common problem.

    Step by step fix.

    turn off propane bottle

     bleed out wsw

    turn off wsm

     disconect wsm from propane bottle .

    re conect bottle to wsm turn bottle on SLOWLY to full open .

     turn on wsw and light .

     There is a saftey valve on the new tanks and may be one on Wsm that will shut the gas flow to a minimum if not done by the steps
  3. sprky

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  4. I attempted the above solution and that did not help...flame is still strong, just not heating.  What are the vent recommendations?  All vents full open?  I have 2 on bottom and the exhaust vent on top.

    Thanks again!

  5. Are you sure the thermo you're using is accurate?  Also, as for the side vents, keeping them almost closed should increase the temps in your MF.  I know sprky has the opposite happen to his MF, but I can jump my temp by a good 15* by closing the bottom vents almost completely.  You can run the top stack vent almost open to create a nice draft.  How long has the smoker been running and what's your outdoor ambient temp?  The MF can take some time to heat up.  Are you running sand or water in your water pan?

    Also, is your flame a nice blue color?


    Edited to add:  Did you run your water pan full when you did your seasoning run?  If you didn't and you have that pan full of water now... it's going to take some time for the smoker to get up to long has the smoker been burning?
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  6. eman

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    Try it again.

    If you maintained 250 w/ no problem last night and aren't doing anything different today it has to be a fuel problem?
  7. I am using an external oven thermomerter with the gauge placed on a rack in the I can read it without opening the door.  The flame is a nice blue.  It has ran for about 2 hours now...1.5 hours with meat in it.  I just now hit 200* that is the best it has been since meat has been placed on it.  

    Outside it is around 40*...I was planning on the 3 2 1 methond with the ribs.  I hate to open it and take them out to wrap them in foil and loose the heat...but I guess I will.  I wonder if the pan of beans are keeping it cool??

    Thanks again for the help!

  8. I think it is working now!!!  I retryed the bleading of the gas...and opened the top vent all the way.  The bottom ones are closed.  I have now jumped to 210* in about 3 minutes.  

    Hopefully that has solved the problem!  I wil keep you all posted as well as introduce myself when it isn't such a fire drill!

    212* and counting!

    Thanks again!!

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    Welcome!  Get a gasket for the doors and if it's windy I put a 2 ft.  High cerdboard windbreaker around the bottom. I also run my bottom vents fully closed. When it's cold out I run sand in the water pan and pre heat it in the oven. Just a few suggestions
  10. sprky

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    I think you found your problem. I find that the top vent needs to be mostly open to full open to allow flow threw the smoker. Yes when I use my side vents I do not see much change in temp. However I have discovered that without my wind break in place the temps change quite a bit using the bottom vents. I suggest you run the water pan with sand I get much better temps and faster recovery. 
  11. OK Matt, sounds like things are coming together.  Take a DEEP BREATH and keep on smokin'!  Just remember though, you want to get the IT of those ribs from 40* - 135* in 4 hours or less.  Not sure what your total smoke time has been so far... but you may want to check the IT when you open the door to wrap.

    And don't forget the q-view!  This will be a memorable smoke for sure.

  12. Looks like I am going to have to get some sand for the next time.  I just added water because the pan was empty and the temp keeps dropping.  I did add boiling water...but it has dropped from 224 down to 210.  

    Still slowly dropping I assume the water is sucking the heat out...I suppose the sand will negate that a little.  Keeping water in the smoker will help make the ribs moist correct?

    I hate to run it dry just to keep the temp up.

  13. I don't use water in my water pan for ribs, only sand. And, I do not think the water actually keeps the ribs moist....I've had no problem with juicy ribs using sand instead of water.


  14. Good to know!!  Sand it is...never heard of that, but that's what these forums are for!

    I am about to wrap the ribs...hope the temp is good...they have been in there about 3 hours.  Thanks again for all the help!!

  15. sprky

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    Try running less water in the pan that will help. I add a foil pan of water on rack just above the sand filled pan. The pan is 3/4 full then foil wrapped to give a small drip area. I also pre heat the smoker for 30-45 min before adding smoke wood or water to the foil pan. When I add water it is very hot water. Hope that helps you out.
  16. Well after the slight stress to start the smoking...all was well!!  Ribs turned out great!!  I also made some ABT's, but put them in the oven.  They were awesome too!  And for the viewing pleasure, I attached some Q-View!  Thanks again for all the help!!


  17. justpassingthru

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    Sounds like they have you covered, I agree no heat usually means a fuel problem, but I'm amazed at what I'm reading, 35-40 minutes preheatng?  I have a GOSM using propane and I'm at smoking temps 210°-225° in less than 10 minutes, if even that long, you Master Forge people correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I remember some time back others having this problem and it was the burner not producing enough BTU's and Master Forge sent larger burners, I remember threads of how people modified there burners because then there were too many BTUs, some brazed a few holes closed and one guy filled some holes with muffler glue, ...does anyone else remember those threads?

    Oh, and Matt, ...welcome to SMF.


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