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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bel420, May 16, 2014.

  1. I just got around to assembling it and i see that even when the vent is shut its still open a bit is there a reason for this id prefer it shut all the way. heres a pic of it closed all the way.

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      Is this the exhaust vent? If so , you normally want it open all the way most of the time.

  3. Yes it is the exhaust but when not in use I'm wondering why it doesn't close fully it always stays open that much.
  4. Anyone know why it does not close fully? Sorry I know its not a big deal but there must be some reason?
  5. That is the way the vent is supposed to be .I have the MES 30 and that is how the vent is closed .I also noticed you bought the Masterbuilt cold smoker kit .Good choice .Could have saved yourself $10.00 buying from Bass pro. No big deal . Don't know if you saw the posts about running it without it plugged in and not using the hook ,which is a pain to mess with . There are a lot of people on this site that are sold on the AMNPS ,but looking at where your vent is you have the gen 2 MES and it won't stay lit in that .You are much better off with the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment,regardless of what you might read here . Very versatile ,you can use chips ,pellets ,split chunks and broken up lump charcoal . It is almost a must have with the MES Gen 2. Have any questions just ask . Hope you don't have temperature problems like I have . I have been using MES mainly for cold smokes ,Kamado for the heavy lifting .

    PS you do want to run your MES with vent wide open .
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  6. Thanks for the reply, i just checked bass pro and is much more expensive(with shipping) than cabelas just a reminder i'm in Canada and shipping plus brokerage is killer but i can't get it anywhere here in Canada.

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