Newbie needs advice on Chuckie & Short Ribs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by twothphry, Jun 12, 2010.

  1.  I'm a newbie who's done a few smokes with great success in my new WES. We just bought a Chuckie and some short ribs from a local rancher at the local Farmer's Market.What's the best way to do them up. Time, temperature etc?
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    welcome to the site . I am not to keen on beef ribs and chuck roast . But i'm sure that those who are will be here shortly to help ya out.
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    Welcome to SMF. For a Chuckie I like to do them like a butt. 225 cooking temp. Take to 165 then wrap with some of my mop then take to 195-205. Let it rest and pull.  General rule of thumb is  1 hr per 1.5lbs of meat.
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    Plenty of post on here about both. I'll let someone else handle the chuckies. The beef ribs I like to marinade in Mojo Crillio, then either place them in an aluminum pan (some mojo in pan) or just lay them on a rack (add some rub) and smoke them for no more than 4 1/2 hours at 240º or so.  You can foil them around 3 hours, then open them back up with a 1/2 hour left to firm up. If you use the pan, spoon the mojo over them and also rotate them as they smoke. Beef colors up and will usually tell you when they are done.  Love the beefies.


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    I suggest putting the chuck in a foil pan after it gets out of the stall or before 160. Then cover with foil and bring it to 190 - 200 range. Let it rest and pull...

  6. Thanks for the advice guys. The chuckie came out great. As for the short ribs, they were tasty but a little chewie. Maybe next time I'll foil them for more tenderness. Right now it's all about getting my learning curve up to speed.

      One of my first smokes was chicken and it was to die for. Before you know it I'll be gven advice to newbies like y'all.
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    no qview??

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