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    Ok guys, just signed up and got my confirmation email.  I am new to smoking but eager to learn.  I am a Navy veteran from NJ who's real passion is fishing.  I have a wife and a baby girl, so that has hindered the amount of time I spend on the water lately, but wouldn't change a thing and am really enjoying being a father!!  That said... I have wanted to get into smoking for a few years now.  Being confined to an apartment, it really wasn't an option.  So, being new to the married life and being a dad, I am also officially now a home owner.  So we are out on the water the other day striper fishing and only coming up with blues.  After releasing my umpteenth blue, my buddy says, "too bad we don't have access to a smoker, I hear smoked bluefish is incredible" (which I still can't see cause bluefish are nasty).  So I figured, ya know what... let me be the guy with the smoker.  Hell I've waited long enough, and it is the season.  So after getting back and cleaning the boat, I went and bought a Brinkman from the local Home Depot.  I am sure it is bottom of the line when it comes to quality, but I figured ya gotta start some where and after putting $200 in gas in the boat, this would have to suffice.  Anyway, I just signed up for the 5 day course and look forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully coming up with some pretty good food!
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    Welcome to the board, Dad! The people here will pester you to post pics of your smoker and your smoking projects.
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    My first attempt was 2 racks of baby backs.  This was after 2 hours at about 200.  I need to go out and invest in a better temp gauge and or probe.  They were wrapped for another 2 hours, then down for the last hour.  Weren't too bad, but weren't too great either.  Can only go up from here... or so I hope!

  4. Hey Joe, hello and welcome to the site, congrats on the new smoker, kid, house and learning to smoke. You really didn't say what the problem was on the ribs, guessing maybe not cooked long enough, you said 200º I smoke at 225º  depending on the ribs the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 method may help. 

    Gary S
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    Hey Gary,  Thanks!  I tried 2-2-1.  Using just the stock temp gauge on the smoker itself, I don't think it was very accurate.  Plus, at times I had a hard time keeping a solid temp.  Went up, then down... guess I just have to break this thing in and feel it out to learn what works.  The ribs were a bit dry and tough.  Going to give them another shot this weekend hopefully.
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    [​IMG]  Joe!

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