New Years more smoking!

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  1. I'm giving up smoking for my New Years Resolution. So, to kick things off I've got a Brisket in the TBS of my AMZNP smoker (with the "Perfect" pellets I got for Christmas from my wonderful girlfriend. Oh, I'm giving up smoking cigarettes, not food! I've had it in a peppercorn and garlic marinade since Wednesday. It smelled good enough to eat already! I didn't get any pics of the before, but will take some from here on out. I separated the point from the flat before putting it in the marinade. I'll probably chop the point and slice the flat. I've never done burnt ends, it sounds appealing, but think I'll wait till next time to give it a shot. I've done brisket before with great results. I'm really looking forward to this smoke.
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    Congrats, with the money you save on cigarettes you can buy a lot of meat!
  3. Good luck, you can do it your mind is a strong and powerful weapon.

    I quit smoking cigarettes quite a few yrs ago now, when the urge would hit me I would say out loud to myself "I am a non smoker" and repeat that until the urge went away.. it sounds crazy but it worked

    best wishes
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    You are a braver man than I Gunga Din!!!
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  6. My 5 year old son has been on me about quitting. That's good enough reason for me. [​IMG]
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    That's darn good motivation. You can do it! Just think of him!

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    You can do it and  [​IMG]
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    I know how tough it is.  I have quit many times!  Hang in there.
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    Good job man, I haven't had one myself for goin on 20yrs., It's tough at the start, I remember getting all kinds of gum, mints and toothpicks. I still chew allot of gum for a nervous habit.

    I never read anywhere that someone died from quitting... read allot about people that died from not quitting.

    You can do it.
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    Hang in there and you can do it. My aunt smoked for most of her life and she is slowly falling apart from all of those years of smoking. It's sad to see. I have never been a smoker so I have no idea how hard it is to quit but I have known many people who have finally been able to quit for good and I have never heard of anyone regretting quitting. Hang  in there buddy. I can't wait to see the pics of the brisket.
  12. This from a recovering ex-smoker.

    I'm more curious about the brisket.

    We have this huge piece of meat . . . lots of fat on one side and kind of lean on the other.  I'm guessing the "other" is the flat, such as used in corned beef or burnt ends?

    Why is it in normal cooking of a brisket that we don't separate the two?   I've prepped hundreds of briskets for the smoker and was never asked to cut off the flat.  This was at a restaurant that served brisket platters and burnt ends as appetizers.  Maybe I'm confusing the two.  What makes them different, other than one is sliced the the other cut in chunks?
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    IMHO the point is the best part of the brisket. I don't always make burnt ends with it, or do I pull it. I like it sliced much better than the flat. The marbling makes it more juicy & tender. To me it's like a ribeye compared to a sirloin.  
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    never smoked death sticks my whole life so i can't help you there i just know you you gotta want to quit before you can so if your mind is set to quit you got half the battle won

    like al says just think of the money saved on smokes  one pack equals a certain amount of meat so think of that when you want one!
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    I was like your doing WHAT, then I relished it was cigarettes  you were quitting [​IMG], boy do i feel stupid. Must be the hang over, ya that's it 
  16. Hope ya get it done. I used to smoke up to 3 packs a day. I will give you some motivation. I havent smoked cigarettes for going on 6 years in May. Last fall I fell ill and couldnt breathe. Turns out I have severe COPD and Im only 55 and use oxygen. To top that dignosis, 2 months after getting the COPD news, the Drs took 2 lobes of my right lung from a unrelated  rare disease. I couldnt have avoided the rare disease but I could have reduced my problems by never smoking. You can do alot by stopping smoking now, but I did all the damage to my lungs and then it just progresses from there.  COPD is a progressive disease and its all over you by the time it shows up and there is no cure. You can quit. Good luck
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    This sounds a little crazy but it works...A lot of the Smoking is habit, Having some thing in your hand, the Draw of air and the key regular smokes, with Coffee, when you start the car, your work break, etc. I found if you cut some " Plastic Straws " to Cigarette length, then mimic the Handling and Draws of cigarettes, it will get you through the first five days until the Nicotine is out of your system. Give it a try and Good Luck...JJ
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    Good luck quitting smoking..............[​IMG]

    Unfortunatly I enjoy smoking. Its like all the other habits I have... Moderation is the key

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    You will love it once you kick it.

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