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Discussion in 'Beef' started by hllywd, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Well I got a new toy a few weeks ago, it wasn't the 'Vette I've been looking for, but yesterday I made by far the best brisket I've ever made. I've been planning to build a wood/coal fired brick oven for a while now, but my wife and I saw a Fornetto wood fired oven/smoker at a local garden and patio store that's going out of business (code for closing the giant building they're in, and moving to a smaller space...). It seemed like a fairly portable way to get into something with similar capabilities of what we want until all the stars line up to build the real brick oven.

    This thing is built basically like a wood stove, as such the glass is never going to be clean the way I see it... I've fire it twice with wood to make pizza. With a small amount of wood it will go to 700°F and make a fairly respectable pie... now for my technique! That said it's going to take some experimentation to control the heat better.

    I've been thinking about this and normally I use lump charcoal in our built in charcoal grill, but a buddy told me about the snake method so I thought maybe it would work with the oven...

    Looking for something to cook I found  a ~5 lbs chunk of brisket and didn't feel like mixing up my own rub. I put the store bought stuff on then rubbed the whole thing with regular A1 sauce (just because).

    An hour later the temp in the oven was about 200°F.

    The temp rose to 250°F after a couple hours, and eventually neared 300°F and at about 6 hours I removed the brisket, wrapped it in foil and returned to the ~275°F oven for another 2 hours or so. This is what I ended up with...

    I had some of the meat last night and it was a personal best! I saved all the drippings and made a red wine based gravy with the intention of having it all over some mushroom risotto tonight (pics to follow).

    In all, even with the closeout this thing is pricy. I think we'll get decent value for what we paid but it's probably not for everyone. Cooking space is limited, and it's going to require quite a bit of experimentation to get the temps just right. On the other hand, this was pretty easy!

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  2. Nice post....but photobucket says"Sorry, This photo does not exist" 
  3. If you will upload the pics instead of posting a link A lot more people will see them. Most won't leave to look at pics.

    Happy smoken.

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  5. hllywd

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    OK... I'll fix it. Give me a minute.
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    In Roll Call we give you the info on how to upload pictures.  S2K92 has given you the link here.  The Terms of Service says no off site links.  SMF doesn't support photobucket pictures...they are considered off site links.  Sorry!

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    Sorry, I didn't catch that. Saw something was wrong right away and started backtracking. Should be fixed now!
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    Tell me more about the "snake method" please?
  9. greg b

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    Nice looking brisket by the way! I've been hesitant to try one, pricey hunk of meat, but I think I am confident enough in my abilities to give it a shot now! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Good looking unit. Brisket looks pretty good to and so doesn't the pie.
  11. s2k9k

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    That's a nice looking smoker/oven!!! Looks like pizza parties at your house!!!
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    Greg, basically my pics illustrate the "snake method". Stack the charcoal like I did, ad the chips on top, and light one end of the snake. As it is in the pics, my fire lasted about 6 or 7 hours, then this oven holds heat really well. There are lots of YouTube videos on the subject. They claim burn times of 10 hours using a snake inside a Weber kettle grill. The buddy that told me about it said about 8 hours in the old Brinkman dome type smoker. Here it really helped me with temperature control. Also all of the videos I've looked at used wood chunks for smoke. I think chips like I used worked fine.
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    Nice....great q-views!

  14. hllywd

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    It's not the brick oven I want, but it's a start. I'm retiring in about 5 years and would like to start a small wood fired pizza place, eventually with my own in house brewery. A couple years prior to that I'd like to have a mobile wood fired oven to get things rolling. Pizza parties to prove my recipes are a must!

    Thanks Kat.
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    thanks, hllywd! I'll have to experiment with it in my box grill. I see you're from NW Ohio, ever been to the Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren? I love that place!
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    i'll 2nd that
  17. redneck69

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    by the way...very nice brisket and that is one cool looking multi purpose smoker
  18. Now you got the pics going . Nice looking grub and smoker.

    Happy smoken.

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    Cool looking toy!


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