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  1. I built this smoker some 20 years ago out of a stainless electrical enclosure that was about to be dumped in the dumpster. I pointed the fork lift driver to the bed of my truck, and after a little welding and scrounging came up with a nice all stainless rig that should easily outlast me. It measures 44 inches wide by 46 inches high by 12 inches deep. Since I built it, it has been living at my dad's place, who used to enjoy smoking fish, chicken and sausage. After he passed it sat unused for the last 4-5 years, so I decided it was time for it to come to my house and get refurbished and converted to a pellet smoker using the AMNPS unit I learned about lurking here. This morning I moved it home and started cleaning it up. Pretty much the only thing left to do on it is insulate the door and sides - one of it's problems in the past, make a new gas burner that will tap into the natural gas supply to the BBQ, and wait for my new AMNPS to arrive. Eventually I'll raise it a foot and lag it to the wall. Can't wait to use some of the excellent recipes I've been reading about on this site!

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