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    Hello everyone, 

    My name is Brandon and I just purchased my first smoker earlier this week.   I purchased a 30" Masterbuilt Electric, the nerd in me had to buy the most expensive my local home depot had in stock because it had an app... hah. 

    I had my wife pick up a 5lb pork butt to be my first challenge.  I injected it with a mixture of apple juice, water, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and salt.  I left it soaking in the remaining mixture while I seasoned the smoker.

    It wasn't the best day for smoking.  It had rained for the previous 3 days and had turned to sleet that morning and snow later that day with wind gusts up and above 25Mph.   Unfortunately I don't have a covered deck or porch, so I had to improvise.  I built a tent using  2x4's and a tarp, tacky looking but effective.  It blocked the sleet/snow, but didn't fully stop the wind.

    I smoked it for 4.5 hours at 225 using hickory chips with just water in the water pan.    I used the app to be lazy and not have to go outside and check on it..   It turned out quite tasty and we've been munching on it now for the last 3 days.  

    My next project is smoking some italian sausage I picked up at our local italian butcher shop.  I think i'll use apple chips this time around.   

    I have a feeling i'm becoming addicted,  I plan on smoking a turkey at some point in the next week or so.   While probably not the favorite of the die hard smokers, I LOVE the taste of Rib Cribs smoked turkey, and want to try to replicate it as close as possible.    I'll probably be checking in quite frequently for tips and recipes!  


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