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  1. I spent my spare time during deer season this year building a small smokehouse. If I figure it out here I'll throw a few pics in. My avatar is the finished product of the first run. We made 60# of deer sausage using a cure and season mix from Swiss Meats in Herman MO. 30# of ground deer and 30# of pork steaks ground. I mixed it and let it refrigerate for 24 hrs and then stuffing in 2"x 18" casings also purchased at Swiss. I started the fire and smoked at 120 for a few hrs then slowly raised the temp to about 200 for the last hour till I reached 155 then gave it a bath and hung it up. I need to work on the fire a bit. For a fire box I'm using an old cast iron cook stove and it's actually a bit small I think. Took a lot of tending to maintain temp. For wood we used all seasoned split hickory addig apple and pecan chips to a homemade smoker box. Well there's my intro, more to come and many questions. Merry Christmas !!!

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    Welcome to the site Bob.  Your off to a great site!  First class looking smoke house you've put together.

  3. Here's

    a few more pics
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    Nice looking smoke shack! Great looking sausage too!


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