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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jbinfla, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Had a side-by-side propane/wood fired smoker.  Found keeping fires lit difficult and often temp fluctuated wildly.  So, bit the bullet bought a Masterbuilt 2-door gas from Homedepot.  Seasoned it, barely got to the recommended 400° on the second season run, the first one got to 350° on full bore.  I was surprised but I don't plan to cook that hot so not too worried just thought I'd be able to get it much hotter.

    Cooked some chicken and ribs today.  Not the greatest but it was edible (chicken was juicy, ribs were a bit tough but done).  It's a work in progress I'm sure I'll get there sooner or later.  Anyone on to the problem:  The bottom door (where the wood chips/burner is located) keeps sticking shut.  As in, can't safely be opened without yanking on it with a force that could possibly bring the whole thing down.  Once opened, it can open/close but I noticed this after each of the seasoning efforts as well.  I'm wondering if it's just new and will go away?  Has anyone else had this happen?  I'm thinking of getting that insulation but not sure if that will help - the hinges don't look adjustable either.

    Ha, haven't really introduced myself could you see a problem is what got me to register?  I'm Joe, I live in Florida, I've been BBQ'ing for years but I'm far from good at it.  I have had my moments where stuff turned out really good, usually just low and slow and all's well but I'd like to get a consistent product so when I invite friends over I know every time they're getting the best.  I also would like something a little less hands on than my prior setup which I'm keeping for the grill (it's got a big cast iron grate I really like that). SO, for now that's it.  Hopefully I'll have good results to report.  I might try the 3-2-1 method next weekend.

    - Joe
  2. Hi Joe and welcome to the group. Not sure on the issue of your door, not used that smoker before. Sure someone here can help you with that. You can also try the search bar with the issue maybe someone has had that happen. The 3-2-1 method for ribs does work well. Not sure if you wrapped yours in foil last but that helps to make the more tender. You can add BBQ or some apple juice to them in the foil for more flavor. Good luck and keep smoking.
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    Welcome to SMF from just outside Tallahassee glad you joined us. I can't help with that model smoker either sorry. Try the 3-2-1 for spare ribs or 2-2-1 for baby backs next time and you'll find they won't be dry. After that you can play with the numbers a little and get to just the way you like them.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  5. Hello and welcome to SMF

    Gary S
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    Thanks guys.  Last weekend I did another burn to prepare for this weekends gathering.  Did baby backs using the 2-2-1 method.  They turned out great.  I'm making up the rub as I go this one was garlic powder, season salt, chili powder, red pepper and a bit of cumin.  Turned out great. 

    They look a little dark but they were nice and juicy, meat was super tender, fall off the bone tender.  They actually did fall off the bone when I first cut into them, but if I let them sit for a while (30+ minutes) it firmed up to be just perfect.  My family enjoyed and this weekend I'm going to hone in but I'll make a few of them with just garlic powder, and the rest with my rub.  Might make a few of them with a brown sugar based rub too but don't want to rock the boat when entertaining guest.

    - Joe

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