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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by unclelee6868, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. I have been grilling for 30 years with Weber Kettle and decided ti buy a smoker( Smoke Hollow30" elec)
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    Welcome to the forum!  Glad you joined us.  I've used a kettle for over 30 years, and started smoking 3 years ago with a Weber smoker.  Looking forward to your smokes.

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    [​IMG]   to the forum!

    Glad to have you aboard!

  4. Thanks guys. I used the smoker twice yesterday. Beef jerky and a pork roast. Not very impressed with the smoker. With the controller at the lowest setting I could not get the temp down under 250° unless I opened the door. With it set on high it would not burn the wood chips. Had to light them with a torch. Then when the chips burned the temp went over 300° with it set on low.. Feel like I threw my money away.
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    First of all welcome to the Forum!

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck, I would contact the manufacture or the retailer you purchased it from.  Hopefully they can help you.  I had a buddy who bought one as well and had similar issues.  He waited to long to return and ended up selling it in a garage sale.  If you decide to return it and look for something different do your research and ask around.  This site is a great place to do research and ask questions.

    Good luck and Smoke ON!

    - Jason

    Minnesota native living in Texas
  6. Welcome from a fellow Minnesotan!
  7. Thanks I will be calling them tmrw. Everything I smoked turned out ok. Just kind of a pain to have to keep checking the temp and opening the door to cool it off.. I should have got a Weber Smoky Mountain..
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    Sorry to hear about difficulties with your new smoker. Weber Smoky Mountain (WSM) are very popular and reliable. If you want to keep looking at electric smokers Masterbuilt Electric Smokers (MES) are popular here too. It's painful after you spend some money though. You could also post a new thread asking for help. Others here might have that smoker and figured out how to get it working! Good luck!

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