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Discussion in 'Food Safety' started by pops6927, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Imagine the lives it could save.  Hopefully it will get approved.  I notice it can be used in just about every type of food too.
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    Very interesting reading.
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    Interesting reading it won't happen politics............
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    I was reading about this Lantibiotic Bisin, found in the Human intestine that kills Food Borne Pathogens....I KNEW I WAS SPECIAL!...Stuff that will make my wife Sick for a Week...Just gives me a little GAS!!!

    OK...A lot of Gas according to my Crew...Whatever!...JJ  [​IMG]
  8. lol...Chef Jimmy J...when that happens, I always think of the movie Major Payne!
  9. I think of Blazing Saddles.

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