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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jeeplj, May 3, 2010.

  1. jeeplj

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    I plan on smoking a fatty and some chicken legs and thighs tomorrow. I have never smoked chiken peices so what temp should I smoke them? Also need an estimate on cooking time for the chicken.
    I will also have the fatty in at the same time it that changes anything.

  2. bbq engineer

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    Hey Jeep,

    You are going to hear this a lot...can't tell you how long to smoke it. Cook to temperature...time is's done when it's done.

    I like to smoke chicken at 225°-250° and then maybe a bit of a spike at the end to crisp up the skin (or run it past your grill).

    The FDA says chicken is done at 165° internal. I choose to go higher as I want it fall off the bone tender for events.

    Also, remember that smoked chicken can have a red smoke ring and smoked chicken virgins will think it is not done. If you cook to temp, you can assure everyone that it has been cooked through done to tender, and that the smoke ring shows that you did it right.

    Good luck, and take lots of pics.
  3. rbranstner

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    Yep BBQ Engineer is right on by saying you can never be sure when the meat will be done for sure. Its done when the correct internal temp is reached. With that being said for a rough gestimate you are looking around 2 hour or so, give or take a bit. The fatty will work just fine at what ever temp you decide to smoke at just make sure you take internal temp readings so you know when they are done.
  4. mballi3011

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    they both are right and yes you will hear this alot. We smoke by temp not time. But knowing that we do need a ballpark estimate and thats about 2-3 hours for chicken for you want it at 165° in the breast and 170° in the thigh. Now another thing I didn't see was make sure that the chicken is on the bottom under anything else you are smoking. You don't want it to drip on anything else in the smokers. Now for your fatie you want it done till about 165° in the center of it.
  5. bbq engineer

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    Good call...Mballi is correct. Chicken on the bottom if you are stacking in your smoker. Have the ribs, pork butt or fatty baste your bird, and not the other way around!

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