Nasty smell coming out of the back of my mes 30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ahains, Oct 26, 2014.

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    My first few smokes in the gen 1 (control panel on the back of the top) mes 30 went fine, but today I notice a foul smell coming out of the back of the unit. It's somewhat like a melting plastic. Inside of the unit still smells only of wood smoke, so I I'm guessing some part of the smoker itself overheated or is malfunctioning. I do see thin wisps of smoke coming directly out of the back, along the edge of where the silver metal backing lines up with the black metal sides, so I'm pretty confident that it is not emanating from the smoking chamber. Anyone ever heard of this before? It looks like the back is not user accessible, but there is a small hatch on the back with 6 screws on it. After this current smoking is done and it cools down I'll try to peer in there (assuming the thing doesn't ignite and burn to the ground today [​IMG]).
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    Is the back rivited on?

    I know on my first gen, it melts the wires off of the heating element there.
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    Yes, the entire back is riveted around the edge, and then there is a small hatch towards the bottom of the back that has 6 screws holding it in. I'm guessing that is where the heating element is replaced.

    I'm only cooking at 225, but I have had the filling port open pretty far to get a lot of air flow to the AMNPS, so it might be running the heating element quite a bit to keep the temp up. It's about 55 degrees outside, so nothing insanely cold.

    Does it continue to work fine after the melting you experienced?

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    I don't have the access plate. Mines old.

    The element will quit. I had to put new terminals on.
  5. Hi, Your small panel on the back is indeed the element access panel. The Chinese 1/4 inch female connectors will melt. I do have to say this the wire in my Electric 30 is high temp wire but not the connectors. I found 1/4 inch High temp connectors at a ACE store that sell a lot of appliance parts. Remove the panel and take a look. That should give you a Idea where to start. Let us know what you find.         Jted
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    You didn't do the Ceramic Tile Mod, by any chance? That will cause the insulation to burn...JJ

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