Name of a rib cut (from description)

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    Good afternoon from the UK chaps!

    I was curious if somebody could help me identify the cut of pork rib that my local Polish butcher sells. The UK names of many meat cuts differ, but as the UK doesn't really have a thriving BBQ scene the US name of the rib cut would be ideal (if there is one).

    Each rack is about 18 inches long, a uniform 4 inches wide for the whole length. It is the normal 1 inch thick rib bones/meat plus a fairly thick layer of meat running along the back, making the thickness about 2.5 inches in places. Only about 12 inches of the rib rack has any bones in it, with the far end just being meat.

    Any advice gratefully received! Is there a new member intro thread?

    I don't have any photos of them raw, but these are the cuts I described a few hours into cooking:

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  2. Not sure I ever heard a name for it, but it looks and sounds like spare ribs that have been split lengthwise. Occassionally I have a customer that wants this, but slightly more often Asian women will ask to have them cut into 3 or 4 strips. I'm relatively sure it is part of a preticular asian dish. Usually the accent or more often the lack of english prevents me from asking more about the dish. I will ask our older meat cutters if they have a name for it.
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    I used to get these from Potters Sausage plant in Durant OK.  They called them tri-cut ribs.  
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    Thanks all!
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