My Mystery Smoker!

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  1. I am really excited about this post as it is what motivated me to register and start participating on these forums! My first smoker was given to me by my uncle. The story is the smoker was purchased by the guy my Uncle works for. The guy owns a hookah bar and thought he would use the smoker on the weekends to draw people in. Well he used the smoker as a charcoal grill for a couple weeks before it wound up behind my uncles house collecting rust. My uncle gave it to me and now I am addicted. I scrubbed it down, knocked off the rust, painted it with some high heat spray paint, installed a lid and on the grate thermo and am working out some other kinks (a tube of black RTV sealant is on the way!)

      So now that the backstory is out of the way...can you guys tell me anything about this smoker?! I have done some research and this seems like a very uncommon and unconventional design. It has an intake damper on the front of the firebox. It has two out dampers on the right side of the smoker one on the lid and on the bottom of the right side. It has no labels or emblems. The welding is clean and she looks pretty good but this thing leaks heat like crazy (corners of the firebox aren't even sealed) so I am thinking it was put together by someone that knew what they were doing...but didn't know what they were doing if ya catch my drift. So tell me what ya think! At any rate, I don't think it is a bad first smoker consdering it was free!

    Front view with firebox open. 

    Inside of the smoker from when I first got it...I have heavily cleaned it since then!

     Fresh coat of paint!

    Finished paint. I installed the thermo, there was a metal button covering the hole for it before.

     Halfway through the paint job.
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  2. s2k9k

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    Good looking smoker but I have no idea what it is. You did a good job resurrecting it!
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  3. Thanks!
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  4. meatinc

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    You may be able to install some type of tuning plate to help distribute the heat as you see fit across the cooking surface.  You can get a couple of dial oven thermometers and place them across the grate to get an idea of how the heat is distributed.  You can also do the old tin can biscuit test - get a can of biscuits and place them across the cooking surface and you can see how the heat is working by how the biscuits cook.

    After you have some baseline info, you can start playing with the dampers to get more control over the heat the firebox is generating and maybe how to help control the heat at the grate.
  5. Such an awesome smoked biscuits sound good. I can say from experience with it so far that the heat varys pretty wildly from right to left.
  6. Right now this thing is leaking heat so bad that the damper do very little to control the fire....but that shall not be the case after I unload a tube of RTV upon it!
  7. boykjo

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    Someone should come a long and recognize your smoker... looks like a brand name smoker.. Might be an old brinkman

  8. I am thinking if it was brand name it would have been sealed up better. The corners of the firebox were never sealed and there is no seal around the lid.
  9. roller

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    Nice smoker you did a bang up job restoring it...hope you do well with it...
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    Nice gift. You can't beat free.

  11. Looks like a pig cooker, hard to tell the size of it.

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