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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokinfool66, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. smokinfool66

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    Hey guys im new to the site!!not new to smokin though i have a traeger lil tex with the cold smoker but im getting ready to upgrade..

    Question number one..has anyone figured out a way to burn chips in a pellet grill?i think that pellets dont give off the authentic smoke flavor like chips or chunks

    Question number two..if there isnt a way to burn chips in a pellet grill are there any automatic chip feeders that work like the pellet grills do?
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  3. gearjammer

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     Welcome to you, we're glad you're here.

    Al's got you covered on the smoke thing.

    Todd will have something that you'll like,

    I use a 5 x 8 tray from there myself,

    good smoke flavor.

    Have fun and remember pictures of your 

    smokes are good things.

  4. smokinfool66

    smokinfool66 Newbie

    So those Amazin mazes can use chips too?and they will burn and smoke as long as the pellets do?i thought they were only for pellets,ill def look into getting one of chips work in those too

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