my first pork butt for easter dinner

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dobar, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. So last week I decided I was going to make some pulled pork for dinner so Thursday night I went and got two boneless pork shoulder butts and Friday I dried them off and added my rub let it sit over night and at 8:30 I put them on
  2. Hello.  Well Done!  Happy Easter!.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Thank you and happy Easter to you had a little bit of a scare for a minute my hopper ran dry and temp started plummeting but never got below 176 back up at 250 and running smoothly
  4. rmmurray

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    Keep'm coming man! Let's see that Q view!
  5. Here it is boy enjoy this is after its rested
  6. I'm going to finish it off with some of jj's finishing sauce tomorrow when we heat it up to eat
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  7. biggern

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    Like real good:) good job
  8. rmmurray

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  9. puckhed33

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    Looks good man. I can't wait for my first pulled pork.
  10. Ok now any of you vets have a alternative use for left over pulled pork
  11. timberjet

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    Taco's, fajita's, casseroles, soup's, enchilada's, pot pies, sheperds pies, pizza, lasagna, nacho's, filling for a fatty, UH is that enough or should i keep going. How about more sandwitches?
  12. timberjet

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    Ok, omelettes, calzones, dip, chili....etc. I will think of some more here in a minute.
  13. timberjet

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    Oh, almost forgot my personal favorite. Filling for ABT's with some cheddar or cream cheese or both.
  14. Thanks for all the ideas timber jet I have some great ideas now
  15. Nice Job Well Done !!!

  16. Thanks everyone I hope to try to get my brisket on soon

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