My first one. Definitely ugly.

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  1. Found a barrel for 10 bucks from the same town. Had to grab it, they said there's been trash burned. Maybe good, maybe bad.

    Anyways, drilled couple of 2" holes to the bottom and fired up with lumber.

    Burned the heck out of it, and let it cool down.

    Drilled some holes, put in 2 racks and lid from  grill i bought for 60 bucks, and made a firebasket from the smaller one of the trays in the grill.

    I just added steelbars on the basket, so it can hold drip pan/reflector.

    (sorry for the crappy pics)

    And this is how she came out. Been seasoning it couple of times with cherry and plumwood.

    I will add two 2" ballvalves to the inlets, and maybe paint it, but otherwise she's ready to rock.

    The lid would not fit the, so i had to hammer the edge straight, and use the ring that came with the barrel.Will add hot silicone to seal the deal.

    So absolutely no welding done since i don't have gear..

    And this is how she looks:


    I also have rebel 47 cm, which i will use until i get the hang of my new drum.

    Thank for looking

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