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  1. I recently completed my first UDS build and was anxious to try a brisket.  I bought a 14 pound packer.  I rubbed and trimmed it and placed in the refridgerator for about 10 hours.  I fired up the smoker using charcoal and pecan about an hour before I wanted to start to get the temp up.  I had read that the cook time should be about an hour or so per pound so I figured about 12 hours.  When the smoker reached 225 degrees I put the meat on.  The smoker got to 250 degrees before it stabilized for the balance of the cook.  It only took about 6 hours to reach an internal temp of 190 degrees.  At first I thought my probe was wrong so I tried other parts of the meat and also used my older probes but they agreed within a degree or two.  I took the meat off, wrapped in foil and a couple of towels, and placed in a cooler for a couple hours to rest.  I sliced it up and it was tender and juicy.  I thought it needed more salt and the smoke ring was very faint but the family was happy so no big deal there.  I am puzzled about the cook time, though.  Any thoughts/theories?  I am new to this so any help would be appreciated!
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    Hey bud, congrats on that brisket. My first one was 13lbs and it took 17 hours! LOL

    From what I have read in the forum is that you never really know what time a brisket will be done...all you can do is sit back, have a beer and wait it your case you got my case, my family ate at 9pm! LOL

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    I can tell you exactly why. The thermo on your UDS is a short probe more than likely. The side of the UDS is going to be a lot cooler than the center. On my UDS it's 50 degrees. So you were likely a lot closer to 300 degrees in the center.

    You just introduced yourself to the wonderful world of hot and fast briskets. I did a 12 lber last week at 300-325 in... You guessed it... 6 hours. It was incredible. I'm doing 2 tomorrow. A 10lber and a 12 lber. I'm figuring on a max of 8 hours.
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    Also just a tip I've picked up for briskets on an UDS. Smoke them fat cap down with the direct heat. It protects the meat, and the fat drips into the coals creating a delicious briskety steam.
  5. You are right about the short probe.  I'm looking into a different type, maybe with a longer probe like the one on my deep fryer...
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    Yep. Turkey fryer thermometers are supposed to work well. I just put my digital therm on the grate.

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