My curing cabinet is getting crowded.....

Discussion in 'Curing' started by dingo007, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. dingo007

    dingo007 Smoking Fanatic

    ......and I'm struggling for patience!

    From left to right;

    2 x Guanciale - approx 30 days to go

    1 x Lomo - approx 30 days to go

    1 x Bourbon Bacon - 5 days to go

    2 x Maple Bacon - 5 days to go

    7 x Salami Cacciatore - approx 21 days to go

  2. bigrub

    bigrub Fire Starter

    looking good, good thing you did not use a small mini refrid.  what temp do you try for  and what is your humdity source
  3. bigwheel

    bigwheel Smoking Fanatic

    Dang...think we could all use some over crowding issues like that. Looks excellent. Kindly tell us about humidity levels. Thanks. I always heard it was dry cold up it have something to do with the blue bucket?
  4. jaxrmrjmr

    jaxrmrjmr Smoking Fanatic

    Find a way to fit a beer keg in there and you are King.
  5. dingo007

    dingo007 Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks BigRub & bigwheel...After lots of experimentation I've found my chamber performs best running at 50F & 60%RH. I use a hygrostat (black box behind the meats) to control a children's ultrasonic humidifier for humidity control and an external temp controller to run the fridge.
    I hear ya JaxRmrJmr...home brewing is high on my list of impending hobbies. I'll probably have to quit work to add any new hobbies to my life. Oh well...i'm bound to win the lottery soon right?
  6. seadog92

    seadog92 Smoke Blower

    I have to use my curing fridge in regular mode for a while. I just built a shed and our temp/humidity now is running 42 to 54 and RH 60 on dry days to 85 to 90 when it rains. Could I just hang my capicola in the shed for a couple weeks? It's just about to be washed and stuffed in casing.
  7. bigwheel

    bigwheel Smoking Fanatic

    I used to know this old boy who hung in Colorado a lot but he was from Ft. Worth who claimed to make some kind of dry cure sausage which he hung up to dry in his attic here locally which he called German Sauage. I asked him what kind of cure do you use? He say..What is cure? I guess it didnt kill him because he died of something else.
  8. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Sounds like ya have a lot of patients and soon ya will be rewarded..... Looks like they will be worth the wait as hard as waiting can be, your gonna have some good chewin there !!
  9. bigrub

    bigrub Fire Starter

    temp sounds low to start, good to finish, I start humd at 80-85 and step down a week at a time to 60%. can add a bucket of water to shed for dry days or wet towles, light bulb or small heater to kick up temp. I think the ceramick heat lamps for re-ptial  works?

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