My Big RF!! It's gonna be Epic!!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by akryan, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Well, I got this tank for practically nothing so i figured I'd go big. From what I have read, there is kinda mixed emotions about cutting into a propane tank, but i had no problem.  I filled it with water, soap, and a few gallons of bleach.  This tank stinks!! Bad!! The bleach was to try to cut down on the smell but i couldn't tell a difference. So i filled it up on about the second week in Dec. then left for the Mother Land (Texas) and while i was gone we had this polar vortex thing in Alaska and it got to minus 20 or so for a few days.  Now i have a 500 gallon chunk of ice to deal with. I will start trying to get the ice out today the give the tank a good couple of burns. But here's my progress so far.

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    That's crazy! It IS full of ice! Good luck on the build. Will be watching.

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    LOL That's Awesome! Good luck and keep us updated on the build.
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    Looks like its off too a good start and that is definitely a big chunk of ice, on the bright side you shouldn't have a problem cold smoking in it.
  5. Pretty big Pop Sickle  Where abouts in Texas ?   Maybe it will warm enough to work in it,

    Gary S
  6. I grew up in Deep East Texas, a little town called Joaquin but we spend most of our time now in Spring where my sister lives when we come visit. I live in Alaska now.
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  7. Well I finally got all the ice out. That was an unwanted back workout. A chainsaw, mini sledge, and a crowbar seemed to do the trick. I lit a fire in it last night and got it pretty hot, so I think one more fire and I should be good to go. My next step is the trailer. I'm trying to make up my mind between a single 5000lb axle or duel 3500 I've seen both. Here's some more pics.
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    That is AWESOME.....lots of fun getting that ice out i'm sure!
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    Welcome to the forum. You and I are in the same neck of the woods, Im just off Mile 49 of the Parks. Only in AK do you see a frozen propane tank.
  10. Get to do any more on it?

  11. Hey Alaska, yea I live down KGB past Settlers Bay, all that ice wore me out.

    Gary, I have been work on a side project for the build. I made an A-frame since i don't have a tractor or any way to raise the tank. I constructed it out of 2.5 and 3in pipe so i think that it will get the job done. i plan on starting on the trailer this week but we will see how that goes.

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