Mold from not cleaning MES 40?

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  1. I have done a lot of searching this forum for tips on cleaning an MES. I always run into the same 2 sides. Don't clean the inside, just the racks, water/drip pan because it is seasoned. The other side is to clean it to avoid Mold.

    I don't want to ruin my smoker with mold but I am very into the idea of having a seasoned smoker and less clean up. Will not cleaning my smoker cause mold and ruin the machine? If so how long until mold will grow and then there is no turning back? Does the environment I keep it in have anything to do with mold growing or how quickly it grows?

    Right now my Smoker has been left outside with a cover on it. I will start storing it in the garage though.

    I did my first smoke 6 days ago. because of my work schedule I am only able to clean the window and insides today.

    Racks will go in dishwasher or I will use oven cleaner in a garbage bag. The Window I am going to try the wet paper towels with ashes from charcoal to wipe it off. There are a few drops of grease on the chip loader so I am concerned about that and getting it clean. Other than that do I really need to clean it...or be concerned about mold?

    Thank you!
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    This is taken out of context from an article on cheese but it makes my point...I had forgot about the water I put in the water pan for a Bacon and Cheese smoke. It was in there for 3 week and no growth. I'm not convinced there is that much to worry about...JJ

    Heat and Mold

    Heat does kill mold, and it doesn't take a blistering hot oven to do it. According to Ohio State University, most molds cannot survive above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This, reports the university, makes heat an effective method for controlling mold that occurs in garden mulch.

    Read more:
  3. Ok, so basically if i do not smoke anything for months (that prolly wont happen but) mold prolly wont grow...but if it does the heat in the smoker would kill it . Worst case scenario mold would consume the smoker and heat at that point would do nothing to save the smoker but chances of that happening are slim to none. Is that about right? Article wouldnt load on my phone. Thanks.
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    If you wrap it in plastic and put it away after a moist smoke, liquid in the water pan, and left it like that in warm weather, there may be some mold growth. If I did see some I would wipe it down with Vinegar, run it full blast for an hour to burn off any smell and proceed with the Smoke. In any event every time you run your smoker you Sterilize it. There would have to be some unusual circumstances for you to get mold...JJ
  5. I did the above forgot about a water pan in my mes for about 3 weeks there was a little bit of mold in the water pan and some on the racks, on the walls of the smoker there was not any evidence of any mold, but there was some on top of the smoke box, I took out the racks and pan and washed thoem, and I fired up the smoker to it's highest setting and let it run for a good hour full tilt even through some chips in and when I opened her up there was no more mold, I used it the same day and there was no off flavors or any kind of issue at all
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       it happened to me 2

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