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  1.  I had an idea while playing with my MES40 a while back. I had been wondering about the temperature difference between the display and a good digital therm placed very near where the internal probe is.


     I thought that maybe all the heat coming up the back wall which creates the notorious hot-spot might be heating up the back wall to the point of affecting the therm probe.

     So here is what I tried.


     I took a new cheap pan and flattened the lip on one end so that it would sit right against the rear wall and act as a duct to capture the heat coming up the back wall and move it toward the front and toward the center. Not only did it eliminate the majority of the hot-spot, but by keeping  

    so much heat concentrated on the back wall that now my display therm and remote therm located right by it read within a couple of degrees of each other. My meat probe has always been spot on.

     I haven't played with it much at this point but it seems to be a success.

     Any thoughts about this or has anyone tried something similar?   


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    That looks interesting...I have only used a tile so far...Unfortunately I don't have the tools to do cool mods like that...My only tools are Knives[​IMG]...JJ
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  3.   I bet you've got some fantastic knives.

  4.  My first post should have said "by keeping so much heat from being concentrated on the back wall". I even proof read that post and didn't catch that. Too many MMO Manhattans. MMO = Marvel Mystery Oil. The gear-heads will know what that is.


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    To me that looks like a perfect solution to the hot spot problem.

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