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  1. I bought a MES 40 back in January and used a few times with some success. Today I decided to do some pulled pork. Started it at 9am this morning and it's is now currently in the oven at 8pm at night to finish heating. It seems no matter what I did today I couldn't get a consistent temp. I watched it go from mid 230's to low 200's repeatedly. I will say it was cold and outside temps were around 35-36 most the day and I run with the vent wide open. The Probe is also way off. It was reading 191 when I pulled the pork, my Digital Themo says it was 165ish. I know I'm going to call Masterbuilt tomorrow to see what can be done before the warranty expires. Anything I can look for in advance?
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    It would be a rare occasion if your MES smoker sensor was within 5* of the correct temp. Some of it is because of where the sensor is. If you had your meat next to the sensor, it might be closer. Most guys, including myself just ignore the MES temp, and go by what their Maverick Digital wireless, or another wireless therm' says.

    As for the meat probe accuracy, mine is usually pretty good, but I still don't rely on it. I go by my Maverick ET-732 meat probe, and even then I usually double check some things, like my Prime Ribs, with my Thermapen, before pulling.

    Also the MES controls, when set at 200*, will turn the element on at 198*-199*, then shut off at 200*, but the heat will coast upward for awhile. It depends on ambient air as to how far it coasts. If it's cold out, it won't coast upward so much, but if it's warm out it could coast 5*, 10*, or even more.

    Also by the same token, when that temp drops down to 198*, and the element comes on it doesn't instantly warm up in there. It will coast down for awhile, until the heater catches up. On warm days it might only drop a few degrees before it starts rising, but on a cold day, it may drop 10 or more degrees, before it starts picking up in temperature.

    Refrigerators are similar, as my meat fridge holds meat IT at 37*-38*, but the air in that fridge cycles between about 29* and 44*.

    I hope you understand my gibberish---It's kinda hard to explain.

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    I've only done a couple smokes in mine (MES 40 Gen 2) and it does the same thing with the temperature swing, I also use my Maverick to see what the temperatures are. I haven't used the meat thermometer that comes with it, its still in the holder on the side. I'm just glad my cabinet thermometer reads low. For 230°F I set mine to 202°F. The temperature swings from about 223°F to 244°F, according to Maverick. I think Bears right on with what going on inside.
  4. yesterday smoked country pork ribs in my MES 30 Gen 2.outside air temp around 40. put ribs in a aluminum tray on second rack from bottom . maverick 732 bbq probe was hanging from same rack as ribs close to left wall of smoker .In the past always put maverick probe by back wall near smoker probe thinking I would get a true reading and see how close it matched digital display of smoker .That was wrong .All temps on maverick were as much as 50 degrees higher than what smoker said . Yesterday's probe position gave me readings on the maverick that were within 5 degrees or closer to smoker display .Also maverick temps said smoker held rock solid temps except for when I opened door . I have owned this smoker for over a year and never saw this kind of performance . What also might be helping is that I have loaded the water tray with ceramic brickets to use as a heat retainer and stabilize temps.
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  5. Thanks all the replies. I did talk to Masterbuilt and they decided to send me a new controller to see if that helped the meat probe temp being off so much.

    I plan to pick up the a new Maverick thermometer befor the next time I smoke. Then I'll test it again. I really wish this would burn chips longer though. I end up putting more in about 30-40 minutes at the moment. I'm wondering if I could load the chip tray with some larger chunks when I'm sitting up and not fill for a longer period.

    SCTDG35: Are you still putting water in the water tray with the brickets in there?
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    Masterbuild spends more money on postage shipping replacement parts then they do building their smokers.
  7. I would agree with that. Masterbuilt sent me a new body when mine was damaged in transit. Just for interest I plugged in the details of their shipment in FedEx's quote machine, and it would have cost me $150 and change to ship that package, granted I'm sure they get a discount. Makes you scratch your head considering I only paid $149 for the whole unit...
  8. Hey Griffen ,sorry about not getting your question  sooner . I don't use the water pan since the brickets are in there . If I want liquid I have been using a small aluminum pan . I never have occasion to fill MES with food because I live alone and most cooks a just for me or when my girlfriend comes over just the two of us .So there is always a lot of room in the MES for a water pan if I want one . Many times I put liquid in aluminum pan and place meat on grill that fits in pan and out of fluid. Doing that gets the flavor directly on to whatever you smoke . If you got new controller how did it work out?
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