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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jstanley9797, May 26, 2016.

  1. Well I attempted my first Brisket this past weekend. Bought an 8 LB flat from Sams. I rubbed her down with a homemade rub couple hours prior to throwing it in. Set smoker at 235 degrees. Put it in at 10:00 at night. Checked on it at 8:00 in the morning and we were at 180 IT. Let it go till about 9:30 and she was around 193 IT. I pulled her out. I then wrapped it in foil with a bit of apple juice, tossed her in a cooler filled it with towels for 2 hours. Never unfoiled it till time to eat. Put in the oven at 250 for about an hour to warm back up for dinner. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! It was juicy, tender and cooked to perfection! I want to give a BIG Thanks to all that share their tips and secrets! I couldnt have been this successful without you!

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    That brisket looks absolutely delicious!

    For your first time smoking a brisket you did a fantastic job!


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    What did you use for smoke all of this time if you smoked it in a Masterbuilt Smoker?
  4. I used the AMNPS with Pitmasters choice pellet. I filled the entire maze. This is suppossed to give you about 10-11 hrs of smoke. I actually threw Hickory wood chips in the wood tray 2 times in the first 2 hours prior to going to bed for a little extra smoke. When I woke up it had burned thru the entire maze without going out. I was glad to see that. I did have the maze elevated on 2 rocks with the chiploader pulled completely out.


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