meat presentation at competition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shaggy smokes, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. shaggy smokes

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    Can anyone give some tips on what to turn in from each piece of meat? How it should look? Appreciate help and thanks in advance.
  2. You are going to pay money to enter a competition and have no idea how to present to the judges?  I would suggest doing a LOT more research before you waste your money.  Perhaps you could go to YouTube and search competitions and see what they suggest????

  3. shaggy smokes

    shaggy smokes Smoke Blower

    I have the chicken down ribs down. More pulled pork and brisket. And yes I am because I have had people that place well in these tell me some of my cooking is better than theirs. Also its just $$$ you can't take it with you when you go.
  4. tropics

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    I have seen on TV some of the comps, it looks like most plate with styro warming plates, using Parsley or lettuce as a base. Good  Luck Remember any thing you use as a garnish should be able to eat.

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  5. First off you should probably check the contest rules first and see what is required. Not sure if you are doing KCBS etc. but the contest organizers should be able to help you know what you need. Double check because they might have some restrictions as well.
  6. shaggy smokes

    shaggy smokes Smoke Blower

    My question for was how important is it to throw burnt ends in because honestly have never made them. It is a KCBS contest
  7. If you are not comfortable with burnt ends it makes it a tough choice. With KCBS you only have to put in enough pieces for each judge. From my understanding if you put say slices and burnt ends the judges can take their pick of which they try so one might try the slices and another may just try the burnt ends. That could seriously affect your scores.

    Just my opinion but I would say if you are not comfortable with burnt ends I would leave them out.
  8. shaggy smokes

    shaggy smokes Smoke Blower

    Ok thank you never have made them before
  9. jckdanls 07

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    make sure you read carefully the green leaf options that can be used in the box.. I just did a KCBS Comp... Parsley (for one) is not allowed....

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