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  1. Got my new Maverick 732 yesterday, and tried it out on a quick pork chop smoke tonight. 

    I use a Masterbuilt 40", and the smoker temp was about 10 degrees higher than the Maverick was showing (MB said 227, Mav said 217). Any idea which one is more accurate? I thought that the MES was digitally controllled, so it would be pretty accurate, but then again,  thought the Mav's were pretty spot on...

    Any help would be much appreciated....
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  2. There is some hot spots in the MES I would be more leaning toward the Maverick being right.
  3. smokinal

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    The maverick is the one to go by. The masterbuilt controllers are always off. Test the Maverick in boiling water. It should read 212-213.
  4. I'd also go with the 732, I know when I did a test in my MES, I was 9 degrees off so it all makes sense.
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    What Al said.

    Plus a lot has to do with where the probe is in the box.

  6. Thanks all!!!

    The Mav probe was on the middle shelf, as close to the middle of the rack as I could get it without being right below the meat. I will use the Maverick reading in the future!!

    Thanks again, the wealth of information I have gotten here is amazing, and has REALLY helped me out!!!

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