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  1. Hello Everyone:  I am a new member and I just bought this smoker a few days ago.  The directions were only good to help me assemble the smoker but did not provide any initial guidance on what to do!!  I was going to try a "Boston Butt" this weekend but am confused on several points.  1) wood chips - do I put them right on the brickets, put them in foil pouches with holes and then put on brickets and how often.  2) I realize I need to "prep" the meat and that's pretty straight forward but do I wrap it in foil and put it on the rack or what? 3) Which rack - top or bottom.  4) Do I need to water pan?  Appreciate any advice or should I start with something simplier.  Thanks!!!!
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    I am not familiar with your smoker, but I'm sure there are several guys who are and can help you with the wood chip question. If it were me I would start with something real easy on a new smoker. Beer can chicken or chicken breast or thighs, or even just wings. A butt will be a real long smoke & you will need to be with it the whole time. You can smoke wings in a couple of hours & practice with the wood chips & keeping the temp where you want it. I would suggest you get a good digital thermometer like a Maverick 732. You need to know what the smoker temp is & the factory gauge's are very often inaccurate.
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