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Discussion in 'Beef' started by fng, May 14, 2010.

  1. fng

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    as most well know I am new at this ball game,but not scared to jump in with both feet. we are having a little gathering here on Saturday and lucky or unlucky for me I was put in charge of the meat (my practice meats has forced them to this conclusion). we have a scheduled eat time about 6 pm, and I have an 11.5 and a 10.6 pound briskets as well as a 12 pound butt. there is no possible way of an all night smoke so here was my plan... I will start the smoke about 7 pm tonight and smoke till about midnight. foil and put in 200 degree oven till about 6 am unfoil and back in smoker till they reach temp. is this a bad move or should I just suck it up. (the party Saturday is an all day event)....
  2. dutch

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    You could do your briskets using the hot and fast method and they will be done in about 6 hours. Here is a link to the Hi-speed Brisket that mgwerks did.

    I've seen the same thing done with pork butts as well.
  3. I don't see any reason why your plan wouldn't work, although I have never foiled a pork butt in my life, except for when I was taking it off the smoker and wrapping with foil and towels to rest. I like lots of bark.
  4. Friday night...Prepare the meat.....
    Sat. 3 AM... Build fire and stabilize cooker.
    Sat. 4 Am... Take the meat to the fire.
    Saturday Noon (8 hours)....Remove the meat...take it indoors to a 250* oven.
    Use a drip pan. No foil. By 6:00 you should be good to go.

  5. chisoxjim

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    id say tough it out and get in some catnaps in while the meat is on the smoker(you can sleep when your dead....[​IMG]), I dont like putting any bbq in the oven.
  6. herkysprings

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    If you dont wnt an all nighter I would...

    Smoke the PP now, and leave in a 200 degree oven overnight.

    Wake up early, and start the briskets in the smoker. This way you can use the hot and fast method, or foil at noon to get it done quicker.

    Since the PP is done at 200-205 ish and you are gonna pull it and sauce (maybe) you wont lose as much presentation. Plus that 12 lb butt will stay nice and warm for the extra time it will be "done"

    But the brisket bark and slicing means you want to finish at 190 and that might get overdone overnight in the oven. Plus you could be the Pitmaster when guests arrive and really show off your skills, pulling 2 briskets right off the BBQ for slicing!
  7. hernando

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    Well said good sir, well said [​IMG]
  8. rp ribking

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    I'd say Suck it up, you'll be glad you did.

    I have been doing overnight smokes for the past 4 weekends. Your body will get used to it.

    Take it easy on the beer.

  9. indyadmin1974

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    If you really want to be happy with the results, don't pull your meat out and put it back in...

    Man the innuendos this site leaves open...

    Seriously though, all night smokes are rough the first time you do them, but you do get used to them and they are really fun.

    In my opinion, I'd rather be up all night and do it right than worrying about getting up early and rushing through things. You'll enjoy your day more if you go through the entire process from start to finish.

    I'm guessing you may have a good reason why an all night smoke isn't possible but the benefits of doing one are going to outweigh most of the rest...
  10. mythmaster

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    I did a 10# butt last weekend for a 6pm dinner, also. I put it in the smoker at 4am at 250* and foiled it when it hit 165* (about 5.5 hours). Then I put it in a 275* oven and went back to bed. It reached 205* around 1:30pm, so I just turned off the oven and let it rest in there for 3 hours. It was still about 165* when I pulled it, and it was EXTREMELY tender and juicy!

    I agree that the hot and fast method for brisket works very well. You could start them around 11-12 and still have time to let them rest an hour or so before serving.
  11. fng

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    okay...another all nighter it is....the last one (first one) was miserable but my thoughts of perfection pushes me to do it. I will start the 2 briskets at midnight and throw the butt on at 3am or how long can I wrap and cooler the butt and brisket to keep em hot till show time? the butt turned out to be about 8 pounds hence the putting it on later....
  12. fng

    fng Fire Starter

    almost 4 hours into the smoke and its all going strong......345am Texas time and by my calculation we will be here until 4pm. sorry for no qview I'm not very literate with this phone technology. ........we are rocking with bud light and apple juice....this all nighter is getting fun... hope the other all nighters are having a good smoke......the severe storms have broken up and have spared us to this point.......happy smokin'
  13. mythmaster

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    They should hold in the cooler for a good 3-4 hours, maybe longer. I'm guessing that you decided not to do the briskets hot and fast since you started them at midnight. Hope everything comes out well!
  14. fng

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    yea, I decided to go for the Gusto its 6am and just finished a bowl of cold spaghetti. all alone (the last neighbor just staggered away) we are cooking along at 230-240. so far so good. wished I could provide qview
  15. chisoxjim

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    points to you for sticking it out & being true to the craft of bbq, [​IMG]

    not putting it in the oven will be worth it. [​IMG]
  16. fng

    fng Fire Starter

    I strive for protection,and y'alls recommendations made sense. not sure of the outcome but it appears promising. pretty funny watching the other neighbors come out and each one has said "u been out here all night" lol
  17. fng

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    thanks again for the recommendations to pull an all nighter I slept about an hour from friday- sat night but once the visitors started arriving it was an adrenaline boost. everything turned out great and my first Boston butt was a hit. they destroyed the pan off pulled pork and saved me more brisket for leftovers today.. everyone raved about it but I felt as if the brisket was a little too tough. everyone else said they felt it was right on though. I had the butt done in about 11.5 hours and brisket was knocking on the door of 16... the entire smoke was done with pecan and this was also a first. will be smoking with pecan again in the near future. I will hopefully get some qview of next smoke.I thank eveyone again. y'all truely guide a rookie like myself to making things more simple

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